Imagine a lone viking. You’re probably picturing a bloodthirsty warrior, battleaxe in hand and war paint smeared across his brow. How can modern man emulate such an impressive combatant?

The key for tapping into the viking aesthetic is to revive a characteristic that made the warrior so daunting. We can’t fight the wars they fought, but we can mimic one aspect that made them so well known: the viking hairstyle.

The styles below take the generic long hair and thick beard that suits the standard Scandinavian viking and transforms them into something more presentable. The new looks create modern viking hair without appearing like an untamed savage.

The key for the best viking hairstyle is balance. Keeping everything tidy is a must. Hair, beard, and braid lengths can be long, but they must be kept tame.

The styles below are popular suggestions. They can be modified to however you see fit and satisfy every viking niche.


1. Comb Over With Beard

Comb Over With Beard 2

Comb Over With Beard 3

Comb Over With Beard 4

Comb Over With Beard

A stellar viking hairstyle look is easily achievable with the comb over. This men’s hairstyle has a thick viking beard on the bottom that complements the neat sweep on top.

When styling, use pomade and apply evenly throughout damp hair. Comb the bangs in the direction that you want it to go in. Make sure to comb the sides down as well.

Use your fingers if you want to achieve a more natural look. For extra volume use a blow dryer. Place the nozzle under the bangs and direct the heat upwards.The beard should be a decent length.

A stubble will not suffice if you’re aiming for a viking beard style. Keep the beard lengths clean and sharp, don’t let the untamed beard get in the way of this fantastic look! A proper comb over with a long beard style will have you feeling like you’re in the viking age!


2. Bald + Beard

Bald With Beard
Source: @markhasabeard via Instagram
Bald With Beard
Source: @mike_shaughnessy_official via Instagram

This viscous style is awe inspiring. The facial hair is the main attraction and where all the focus will be placed. The balance shifts downward, all eyes will be on the viking beard style so proper maintenance is a must.

Keeping the scalp bald and growing an epic beard is also an optimal way to battle thinning hair or male pattern baldness. When growing a beard try to work with the shape of your face.

Here are some quick tips: If your face is round, focus on keeping the beard length square. This is achieved by thinning out the sides and trimming the bottom neatly. In a round face you want to keep the lengths longer at the bottom.

A longer face will have you keep the lengths shorter on the side, but situated higher up. You do not want to add length to an already long face. Basically you want to establish a nice balance, an equilibrium within your face.


3. Thin or Shaved Sides + Ponytail

Shaved Sides With Ponytail

Shaved Sides With Ponytail
Source: @rolandb95 via Instagram

Shaved Sides With Ponytail

Shaved Sides With Ponytail

The shaved sides paired with long top lengths in a ponytail is an imposing style. The absolute best way to achieve this viking haircut is to grow your hair length all around first, then work on shaving the sides.

Keeping the hair length consistent in the interim ensures that the hair is healthy and adheres to a natural growth pattern. Consistently shaving the sides while trying to grow the crown is redundant and time consuming.

Length is your best friend when it comes to this Nordic hairstyle as it allows for plenty of different styling options. A unique aspect about this style is that it does not need a beard to look good. The cut stands alone.

The addition of a long beard will accent the look, but it is definitely not a necessity. This style is achievable at home, but great care must be taken when shaving the sides. The key aspect for this style is the balance. There must be no crooked lines or razor slip ups.

Make sure to keep the hair moisturized when pulling it back. Conditioning your hair is a great way to keep it healthy, but be wary. Do not use it every day. Overuse of conditioner is a common mistake, aim to clean your hair once or twice a week.


4. Shaggy

Shaggy Hair

Shaggy Hair

Shaggy Hair

If you want tales to be told about your legendary mane, keep it long. This men’s hairstyle focuses more on the long mane and less on the full beard. When seeking the shaggy look keep it natural.

Growing it long takes time and proper hair care is a must. As previously mentioned, some men shampoo and condition every day. If you’re looking to go for the shaggy natural look begin by changing your rinsing routine.

Shampoo strips the hair of the natural oil that it requires to grow. Depending on your hair type you should be shampooing only once or twice a week. The hair will also reach some, “awkward” stages. It is advised to see a barber or stylist to get a trim to keep the hair neat and natural. Shoulder length is an optimal length for the shaggy, and it is generally worn down.

A braid can be introduced to add some visual interest, but many men prefer the ease of wearing it down. Pairing the shaggy with a beard is a great option. Since the hair is long the beard will act more of an accent piece.

Keep the beard nicely groomed and tame. As soon as the beard becomes unruly the overall shaggy look falls to pieces as more focus is placed on the facial hair.


5. Braided/Twisted Beard + Short Sides

Braided Twisted Beard Short Sides
Source: @mogulchavis via Instagram

This is a great warrior look. The short sides make this viking hairdo tight which projects your masculinity. The braided beard style tells a story of courage, sitting majestically on your long beard ready to impress those who match your gaze.

For this style the beard length must be medium to long in length (good luck trying to braid a stubble!) Holding the beard in the braid or twist formation requires an elastic band or beard ring.

The sides of the head can be faded or tapered, it doesn’t matter just as long as the sides are blended. This is a style where emphasis is placed on the braided beard, make sure to keep the hairs properly groomed!

A beard brush is an excellent way to get rid of knots. Using beard oil sparingly will make the outline of the beard pop.


6. Mohawk + Thin Sides

Mohawk With Thin Sides

Mohawk With Thin Sides

Mohawk With Thin Sides

This viking style is a classic and easily recognizable. The mohawk and thin sides is a good option if you do not want to throw your hair in a ponytail. The hair can remain free to be styled up.

Once again, the overall look needs to be natural. Product must be used, but the goal is to make it look as minimal as possible. Grab a low shine pomade or hair wax and apply it generously throughout the entirety of the head. A dime size should suffice.

The most volume comes from a blow dryer. Angle the nozzle in the way you want your hair to sit, and blow from the roots up. Never point the nozzle down pointing towards the scalp when sculpting the mohawk because it will flatten the hair and create chaos.

Apply a modest amount of low shine hairspray and let the hair rest. A crispy looking mohawk is not ideal when it comes to a viking look. Practice makes perfect when it comes to this style. Taking the proper time will ensure an outstanding style that is bound to impress.


7. Man Bun + Undercut

Man Bun Undercut

Man Bun Undercut
Source: @imtiajhaque via Instagram
Man Bun Undercut
Source: @jasperfjoostens.trailrunner via Instagram
Man Bun Undercut
Source: @kotula.photomodel via Instagram

The fierce man bun is enhanced when an undercut is etched in. When your long locks are wrapped in the man bun they should nestle cozily just above the nape. Too much weight will bring it down, a low man bun is not desirable and looks sloppy.

The addition of the undercut allows hair freedom to express itself. When it comes to beards any style is acceptable. A close stubble projects the facial features and is one of the most common types of beards that is matched with the undercut.

Opting to go with a longer viking beard is an option, but do not let it get unruly. The beard should be in balance with the overall look. A properly executed man bun with an undercut should portray an image of elegance and ferocity. This style radiates confidence.


8. Long Braids + Beard

Long Braids With Beard
Source: @charlesandrade1986 via Instagram

Long braided hair on men gives an impressingly barbaric aesthetic. Matching it with a full beard is the ultimate viking look. Overlapping strands of hair travelling from the fringe to the nape create this braided hairstyle, it is not for the faint of heart! Rocking this look requires the lengths to be smooth and manageable.

The most natural and easy look has braids follow a straight line. The sides in this style look best when they conform with the lengths on top. The shaggy can be transformed into the long braids. Braiding takes time meaning this style is not for men who are constantly in a rush.

Viking Hair FAQs

Are there any secrets to growing long hair?

Growing hair takes time! A big key is to manage stress levels, drink plenty of water and maintain a healthy diet. How you treat yourself is a big factor in how your hair will look. If the body is under stress, the hair will pause from its growth cycle.

How can I make my beard thicker?

A non-plastic beard comb is recommended to tame the hairs. A wide tooth comb will separate hairs nicely. Start from the bottom of the beard and work your way up and out, this will provide the appearance of a “fuller” and more rugged beard. Beard oil can be used to accentuate the look as well. It all comes to personal preference when products are involved, and experimentation is key.

I can’t decide on a style, which one is best for me?

If you’re having a difficult time choosing a hairstyle, it might be wise to seek out help from a barber or hairstylist. They will look at the shape of your face and offer guidance.

How can I braid my beard?

A: YouTube has some great tutorials! Check out the one below. It all boils down to practice.

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