Looking for the best sleeper sofa or sofa bed? You’re not the only one! Living in a small home means you can’t have a lot of pieces of furniture for different purposes cramping up the space. Small functional furniture is usually the answer and sleeper sofas are almost always welcome in a small living room. It’s simple – you get seating and an extra sleeping area by occupying as little space as possible.

Here’s our ultimate guide on choosing the best sleeper sofa or sofa bed by any type you need. When researching them we made sure that they were not only well built, sturdy and easy to use but attractive in their design too. Bringing one of them home you will not damage your decor and you can choose the style to fit. We have updated this list for 2018 so you can be sure you’re choosing form the latest options.

Table of Contents

Top 10 Best Sleeper Sofas

We start off with the list of top 10 best sleeper sofas overall. If you don’t have any specific requirements for your sofa, take a look at this list first.

Zipline Convertible Sofa with 3 Ottoman Set

Zipline Convertible Sleeper Sofa Bed with 3 Ottoman Set - one of the top 10 best sleeper sofas

The Zipline convertible sofa is one of our all time favorites for many reasons. First of all, being so compact it is very functional and roomy. It doesn’t take much space and fits even small rooms. The chic look and a choice of cover colors will make it work in almost any decor style. It unfolds into a king-size bed or a lounge day bed. We love this sofa bed for its versatility and style. There are many uses in different rooms of a house for it.…

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