Best Pizza in Rome, Italy

Best Pizza in Rome, Italy

Come join us for the best pizza in Rome, Italy as we head over to Antico Forno Roscioli pizzeria & bakery to try numerous different slices ranging from traditional ingredients to contemporary twists. Overall, we had many different slices but here is a list of them all:

1) Mozzarella pizza – classic mozzarella slice
2) Bianca pizza – bread like pizza without cheese or tomato sauce
3) Rossa pizza – slices with tomato sauce and no cheese
4) Pumpkin pizza – slices with pumpkin and walnuts
5) Broccoli pizza – pizza pie with broccoli and pork sausage
6) Cabbage pizza – pizza featuring a smoky crispy cabbage

Which pizza slice if you could pick just one would you want to try?

After walking around Rome, Italy for a while digesting our pizza we decided it was time for gelato so we headed over to Giotti for some tasty licks. The winning flavor was Roman Holiday. Check below for information on how to find the pizzeria and gelato shop we visited in Rome.

Pizzeria in Rome, Italy address & information:

Antico Forno Roscioli
Address: Via dei Chiavari, 34, 00186 Roma RM, Italy
Hours: Monday to Saturday 7AM-7:30PM & Sunday 8AM-6PM
Phone: +39 06 686 4045

Gelato in Rome, Italy address & information:

Address: Via degli Uffici del Vicario, 40, 00186 Roma RM, Italy
Hours: Everyday 7AM–1AM
Phone: +39 06 699 1243

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Best Pizza in Rome, Italy Travel Food Video Transcript:

Well guys this is an exciting day because today’s video is all about pizza. We’ve been in Rome for a few days now and we have saved the best for last. We’re going to be eat at place called Antico Forno Roscioli (Marco Roscioli Il Forno).

This is a bakery and pizzeria that has been around forever. Yeah. It is a bit of an institution here. Early 19th century. It is like 11 in the morning so a bit early for lunch but I’m hoping they already have a few pizzas ready. Exactly. We’re going to go in and eat pizza.

We are starting with our first batch of pizza and they had three different kinds ready. So we have mozzarella. Rossa which just means red. And pizza bianca. Which is just plain. This is all about the bread and the texture of the bread.

Oh my gosh it all looks so good. And apparently we have more pizza coming out of the oven in 3 minutes.

I love it. It is just a little bit of tomato sauce and then you have the pieces of mozzarella. A little bit of olive oil drizzled on top.

This is amazing. It is not just a pizzeria. It is a bakery.

Pumpy is going to be trying pumpkin pizza so let’s try that.

Were you just given a complimentary pizza. Yes, probably because we’re buying so much pizza. Oh my gosh. This is pizza bianca with mortadella.

Lots of pumpkin? Look at that. Smothered in pumpkin. Is it kind of a sweet pizza or? Oh yeah. It is really juicy too.

The last two ones to try. Mine is black cabbage. Yes. It has going to have a smoky flavor. That is what the guy told us. You can tell it is really crispy. And a little bitter he said.

And Dad you’re having what? Broccoli and pork sausage. Cheers. Let’s do a pizza cheers.

Alright we’ve had our pizza. We are stuffed beyond belief. We actually had the master plan of going to get gelato right after. We’re like no. We’ve got to delay that.

And that fed a whole family – the 4 of us. It only came to 31 Euros. I thought that was fantastic value. It was less than 8 Euros per person. And we pigged out. There is no other way to put it.

We’re going to be going to a famous gelato spot next. And now gelato. We are at Giolitti. Sam’s parents have already gone inside so we’re going to follow suit and see what flavors are available. The boys and their ice creams.

What flavors did you get? I had Roman Holiday

This is part of our Travel in Italy video series showcasing Italian food, Italian culture and Italian cuisine.

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