Among the other rooms in your house, you most likely concern more to the living room where you will meet and welcome the guests, relatives or companions. Some of you would prefer living room with specific theme including a living room in tan concept. Tan here can mean the wall color, the furniture or the other part of the living room. These are ten best options of tan living room ideas we’d like to give you.

Victorian Living Room

The tan sofa here is matched with the blue couches and patterned stools. The carpeted floor fits with the tan color as its main theme. The yellow wall looks clean and perfect with wooden exposed beams and open built-in book shelves. This living room is incredible since it overlooks the sea view.

Modern Mid-Century Living Room

This astonishing living room is wrapped in tan concept. It has tan sofa, ottoman as well as the wall. The wall looks so incredible with the panel and some wall decoration. This room also has wood fireplace that is perfectly matched the whole concept.

Contemporary Austin Living Room

The tan concept in this living room can be viewed from the sofa, sideboard, floor and the couch. There are some attractive additional features such as stools, wall decoration and chandelier. To complete the magnificence of this room, the standard fireplace is installed.

Open Concept of Tan Living Room

This open concept of tan living room place the tan sofa with some logs to be table and some rattan chairs. This tan color also matches with the brick wall functioned as the books shelves. To avoid the monotonous theme, some yellow features are placed there and some exposed beams are installed.

Mexican Tan Living Room

This Mexican tan living room presents you with tan sofa along with blue pillows, spool chair, and cow leather stools. This room also has big exposed beams with very unique chandelier.

Farmhouse Tan Living Room

If you love farmhouse concept, this tan living room would be your option.It has tan leather sofa with wooden coffee table. The ceiling is modified with exposed beams and the wall is made of brick with floating shelves.

Over-Sized Tan Living Room

This is modern over-sized tan living room with tan sofa, patterned ottoman and artistic carpet. It has standard fireplace with the stone wall. In addition, this living room is open concept room, so you would be able to connect to the other sitting space or to enjoy the outdoor view.

Southwestern Living Room

This simple Southwestern tan living room can be one of your inspirations. It has the tan sofa, ottoman and wooden freestanding desk on a rug area. The floor is tiled and the wall is gray with some wall pictures. What interesting from this room is the full-height window that enables you to view the outside.

Trendy Tan Living Room

This room is modified with beige sofa, tan pillow and wooden desk. It also has vintage chair, custom sideboard and floating shelves. What makes this room adorable is also the lighting management for the picture and the shelves.

Eclectic Living Room

This stunning living room provides you to have tan florist couch on beautiful rug area. The wall is lined between yellow and gray color, so it seems so adorable.