budget friendly kitchen ideas

budget friendly kitchen ideas

Kitchens are a big investment.  But there are many ways to cut down kitchen renovation costs without compromising on the look you want.  One of my favourite ways is to opt for Ikea kitchen cabinets which are so budget friendly and pair them with custom door fronts.

While Ikea kitchens are great and offer amazing value, there isn’t too much choice in colours and different looks and finishes.  So if you want wooden door fronts or soft, neutral colours for your kitchen, there are a lot of options to get custom doors for Ikea kitchen cabinets without breaking the bank.  With that in mind I’ve picked out some of the best ones for a minimalist Nordic kitchen look.

After checking out these beautiful options, I can’t wait to create a new kitchen – I’m so tempted to go for wood next time.  There is something so warm and cosy about a wooden kitchen.  What style are you most drawn to?

Ikea kitchen cabinet doors

replacement doors for Ikea metod kitchen

bamboo kitchen cabinet doors

The first are these beautiful bamboo doors by Ask og Eng.  They make kitchen doors for Ikea Metod which is one of the most popular and affordable kitchen ranges at Ikea.  Apart from the looks, bamboo is very durable and is a sustainable material too, making it ideal for kitchens.

These bamboo kitchen doors are all handmade in Norway at Ask og Eng’s workshop.  The door fronts come in a range of finishes from the palest wood to a very dark coal colour.  Once you choose your doors, you also have the option to choose between four minimalist handle options.  I especially love the cutout circles that look so simple and stylish. You really can’t go wrong with Ask og Eng cabinet doors which will give you a timeless kitchen that will last for years.


replacement kitchen door for Ikea cabinets

custom door fronts Ikea kitchen

custom doors for Ikea kitchen cabinets

If you like a hint of colour in your kitchen, the Ikea cabinet doors by A.S. Helsingo could be the ones for you.  Another Nordic company but this time from Finland, Helsingo make doors for Ikea kitchen cabinets from the Metod and Faktum range.

What really stands out about Helsingo is the kitchen door colours.   They have the most beautiful range of subtle colours from pale greens to a dirty blush as pictured above.  There are deeper and darker colours too as well as wood veneers but it’s their soft and subtle colour range that really stands out for me.  In addition to door fronts, they also have a beautiful range of stone worktops which pair really well with the doors.


plywood kitchen with dark worktops

European oak kitchen cabinets

smoked oak kitchen cabinet doors

Next up are the beautiful wooden kitchen door fronts by Custom Fronts.  While Custom Fronts are UK based, all their wood is Nordic or European and has a very Scandi look and feel.  They too make cabinet doors for the Ikea Metod range.

Custom fronts have a range of doors including coloured doors, bamboo doors and wooden doors.  But it’s the wooden doors that are the standout range for me.  From a white Nordic plywood to a dark smoked European oak, they have wood doors for whether you prefer very light wood or very dark wood and lots of choices in between too.  I love that the grain is so visible on all their woods adding beautiful texture and warmth to your kitchen.


minimal white and wood kitchen

sage green kitchen cabinets

Originally from Denmark and now global, Reform CPH is my next pick for Ikea kitchen cabinet doors.  They are in the US  as well as Europe, so my US readers, this ones for you.  Reform started by making only Ikea door fronts but have since started making entire kitchens.  The good news is they still make the Ikea doors so that would definitely be the more budget friendly option.

Reform have many kitchen ranges including natural wood, metal and painted cabinets.  While all the ranges are pretty special, it is the Basis range that is my favourite and is also the one for which you can get Ikea cabinet doors.  The combination of white with hints of warm wood really bring these cabinets to life.  But if white’s not for you, these cabinet doors can be painted in a huge range of colours too.  And you can even go for a combo of different colours or mix it up with wooden cabinet fronts.

Whats of these is your favourite look for your kitchen?

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