Berlin’s Kreuzberg with a Guide

Berlin's Kreuzberg with a Guide

I’ve long wanted to better understand Berlin’s Kreuzberg neighborhood — traditionally the home of many Turkish immigrants, and today gentrifying fast. Just like many Mexicans are guest laborers in the USA (doing the scut work that middle-class Americans and their kids don’t want to do), Turks have long served that “Gastarbeiter” role in the much wealthier Germany. As usual, the guest workers get the worst neighborhoods. And, in the case of the Turks here in postwar Berlin, it was “up against the Wall”…the Berlin Wall. Then, suddenly, in 1989, the Wall’s gone and Kreuzberg is free to blossom. I enjoyed a delightful afternoon with Hashim Anik, a Turkish German guide who grew up right here and has seen a lot of positive change. Join us for a little walk. I’d love to hear about any Kreuzberg experiences you’ve enjoyed.