I have been wearing hair extensions for years and bought my first set of Bellami hair extensions a few year ago when I was trying to find a set that matched my natural hair color. I never thought I would wear hair extensions consistently but I love how they make any hairstyle look fuller and more stunning.

Now Bellami has a new line of extensions, their Silk Seam extensions. They feature an invisi-weft technology that are 30% thinner than traditional extensions so they blend more seamlessly and are more comfortable to wear.

They offer such a wide variety of shades and lengths that it’s easy to find a set that not only matches your hair color but accommodates the length and style that you’re hoping to achieve. I am wearing the 260 gram, 24 inch set in Ash Brown.

made with 100% Human Remy hair so the hair is smooth with a fine
texture and lustrous appearance. I love that the extensions look
completely natural and are very easy to comb, just like my natural

Depending on how well you care for your set, they will last over 12 months. I still use and wear my original set that I bought over a year ago. They are the 120 gram, 18 inch Piccolina set so they are the same length as my natural hair and love to wear them for extra volume and fullness.

thing I love about Bellami’s new Silk Seam extension line is that
they are thick throughout the entire length of hair. With a lot of
other brands, the hair gets really thin at the bottom so they already
look ragged and worn right out of the box.

Silk Seam extensions are also the first line of extensions that actually match my natural hair color. Each set also comes with a trial strip to try in your hair before opening your full set of extensions so you can be sure they match perfectly before voiding the return policy.

clips that come on Bellami extensions are also good, quality clips.
You wouldn’t think that a clip would make that much of a difference
but I’ve used extensions before with really cheap clips and they
don’t grip the hair as well so they end up sliding out of place and
tugging on the hair. That really hurts and can make your head feel
sore throughout the day.

The new Silk Seam line of extensions from Bellami hair are a great investment. The quality of hair, the thickness, length, and color options all make them a step above the rest.

If you’re looking to upgrade your current extensions or enhance your natural hair, don’t miss out on the Black Friday sale, now through Monday.

Use the code BFSALE for 10% off the Silk Seam extensions and the code “MISSYSUE” to receive $10 off your order of hair extensions + free worldwide shipping! 

You’ll quickly fall in love with how amazing your hair will look!

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