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Here I am doing the only 5 poses I know (: I honestly feel like I’ve been absent from this blog for that past few months, make that year. I mean, posts have gone up every now and then but my drive to post consistently has dramatically waned. If I’m being honest, moving to Mississippi, Cohen turning one, and then packing up four months later and traveling across the country to settle in Arizona really put a sting in things. Being a full-time mom and trying to maintain a full-time blog is no joke.


I really lost my desire to create content; content that I had a true passion for the last 2-3 years prior to having baby Co. That little kid makes me crazy with love jitters. I wanted to spend every waking minute with him. I would’ve rather sat and played with him than sit at a computer or work in front of a camera. It just didn’t make sense anymore.

Oddly enough though I simply couldn’t give this little blog up. I’ve wanted to so many times but I.just.can’t. As odd as this may sound, hair just gets to me. When I see a certain hairstyle I just go nuts thinking I want to recreate it right then and there and can’t wait to sit down and film a tutorial. Like, it just gets me, like peanut butter and jelly.

As a result I decided to scale back and just post what I could. Honestly, I was getting so stressed out trying to keep deadlines that I gave myself. I was staying up until 2 or 3 am editing a video and the next morning I was so groggy and grumpy, Cohen didn’t deserve that. Long story short, I convinced AJ to head outside the other day to take one “1” instagram picture for me. I love this top and was really feeling myself so I just had to share a snap on the gram. Needless to say I decided to turn it into a post and give you a teensy update on what’s happening over here in my corner of the blogosphere.  bell-sleeves-fall-fashionI hope you enjoyed seeing this outfit. I really loved how easy-going this whole getup felt. Sometimes I feel so clustered by things I’m wearing but this felt really casual. These boots are a new fave. AJ called me a cowboy but I already know they’ll be on repeat this fall and winter. neutral-basics-fall-fashion

So until I can muster up another outfit post, I love you for reading all the way to the end. Your comments on here, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snap, wherever you like to find me, really keep me going. I really really appreciate them, like really. They’re what have truly kept me motivated to share my snippets of creativity with the world. I love them but it makes it all worthwhile when you love them too. So thank you, so very, very much. xo, Missy

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