Behind The Scenes: NovemberHappy end of November! My birthday was yesterday, and we’re down to one more month of the year, so I’m feeling great (and tired). But maybe that’s just being 32? I’ll assume it is and that I just have a cake hangover. Here are the other behind the scenes that happened this month!

Behind The Scenes: NovemberWork

B-U-S-Y! This is always the busiest time of year, so it’s just been a madhouse between deadlines and photoshoots. In the photo above you can see two projects that were here, the Grateful Printable and the Cookie Tin Printable. Often times there are so many projects in the works that I’ll do more than one shoot a day. Those are the days when our apartment is really torn to shreds (and I’m thankful Ryan’s always at work so he never has to deal with it).

Behind The Scenes: NovemberIn order to get an idea of how colors will work, I’ll do a mockup. Funny enough, the easiest way to figure out the gift wrapped gallery wall was to do a mock up in Instastories with the paint tool. It’s not fancy, but it really helped! If you’re thinking of making one for your home, or just considering pairing new colors together, I highly recommend doing this before jumping right in.

Behind The Scenes: NovemberI’ve been trying my best to Story more on Instagram to give you day to day insight to what goes on around here behind the scenes. Doing a holiday shopping trip was SO fun and my highlight for November and I hope to keep connecting with you there as well!

Behind The Scenes: NovemberPersonal

NYC in the fall was a dream this month, and we also got a chance to see it in Philly too! And you known damn well we voted (and I hope that you did too).

We started watching Love Island UK and I don’t know how I went thing long without watching it. It’s so trashy and fun and just the perfect show to watch in the background if you’re crafting. Our save the dates are OFFICIALLY in the mail and we have less than 6 months to the wedding. Big big things are happening next year (more to come) and just trying to do my best to stay a float with all the work involved.

Behind The Scenes: NovemberHope you had a wonderful month + Thanksgiving! Here’s to the last month of the decade!


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