This simple bedroom with a combination of beige, grey and different tints of pink just works so wonderfully in my opinion. I love the subitle warm grey walls, combined with the beige curtains in front of the window*. The white vintage desk adds a bit more romance to this look and I love the way the same vintage chair is used once as a desk chair and once as a bedside table.

The plant withe the pink leaves cathes the light coming from the window in such a lovely way and matches the overall pink color palette on the bed. The white bedskirt* and the light pink duvet cover* form the perfect base for the linen pillow cases in a deeper tint of pink.

I think pink can be such an elegant color in the bedroom. You can apply this color palette in a subtile way and work mostly with accessories to achieve this look, but you can also go bolder and paint the walls pink, like in this statement bedroom I blogged about a while back.

via Alvhem

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