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It’s about that time where I start to think about implementing more exercise in my life. I’m TERRIBLE at pushing myself and find myself listening to Armchair Expert (Dax Shephard’s podcast which is GREAT) and just walking if I don’t listen to a workout app (see below). But the other day, in an attempt to get my active juices flowing, Brian and I went MOUNTAIN BIKING. I am talking the extreme kind where people are wearing pads all over their body and jumping off ramps which was wildly fun if not kinda terrifying. We are currently shopping for our summer sporting routine up in this mountain town that we can do either together or as a family so we don’t just sit at the beach and drink rosé all day. Mountain biking was definitely the top of the list and this weekend we are trying kayaking (is that an actual workout?), paddleboarding and rock climbing (there is a close-by rock climbing outdoor gym which would be fun to get into). What else do people do?? Pickleball? Tennis? Water skiing? Dunno. Anyway, you guys DM me all the time asking what I’m wearing when I workout so we pulled together a quick post with all my current favorites and as always, we want to hear your suggestions, too.

Emily Henderson best workout clothes for women9
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That was my uniform for a while, mostly because the cuts were good, flattering and comfortable. But that shirt is no longer available so I’m kinda in the market for a new shirt (I don’t love tank tops on me). This one was great because it was fitted enough, but not tight and came down in the front, up on the sides and had a scoop neck: all cuts that I really like (while staying put and not bouncing up and showing tummy while running). I just ordered this one so I’ll let you know the verdict. But what I DO know is the following seven things are my regular go-to fitness items that I can recommend:

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Lululemon Baller Hat, $38:

I don’t really know why I like this hat so much but I do. It’s not like I have tried on every hat out there and can say with conviction that it’s the best one, but it looks cute, is lightweight and is really simple. I’ve been wearing it for over a year (since Souptember—OMG do you remember Souptember?) and I haven’t washed it once so that’s where I’m at as a human being. Whatever you do, DO NOT think it’s okay to borrow your husband’s favorite hat for any cardio exercise. He looked at me afterward and was so confused why I would think that is okay. Whoops!

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Lululemon Speed Up Tight, $108:

These are my favorite pants for most activities because my phone, wallet and/or ID can fit in the zipper pockets. The waist has a thick band making it so it doesn’t cut in and is kinda high waisted. Nothing drives me more nuts than my tummy coming out and over my workout pants while running or doing yoga and then constantly having to pull up the waist. These stay put and keep things in.

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Fabletics Seamless High-Waisted Mesh 7/8, 2 for $24 (with VIP membership):

I just got these and really like them (although I wish it had a pocket). The bright red is VERY good and the mesh feels a little more stylish. Plus, I like that when I’m hiking around with the kids in the woods behind our house they can find me easily. Without the VIP membership, they are $65, but if you like new gear every month then they are really inexpensive (I was super skeptical about any workout pant being $12 TBH, but I ended up really liking the fit).

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Lululemon Run Times Short II, $58: 

These are really great running shorts. The waistband is thick and semi-high-waisted so, again, everything stays in its place. They also have a pocket in the back to hold a card or ID (great for going on runs in your neighborhood). They have a 4-inch inseam so they don’t ride up your bum, or you know, other places.

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Nike Free TR8, $100:

I’m a Nike loyalist, being from Portland and two of my best friends work there. I typically ask them what is the best shoe for running and they both said quickly this one. I then went on to beg them to open up a store close to me so I could try on more workout clothes because workout gear (and swimsuits) is the one thing that I really don’t like buying online. Let me rant about that for a second—I have now, NO JOKE, bought and returned nine swimsuits this season, keeping only one of them. It’s just so annoying. I wish there was one big swimsuit store that we could go to try everything on in person because it’s such a waste of time and packaging to try and return so many. I have a few more on the way (just ordered this one) because I’m now on the hunt for suits that are more modest and stay put because when hanging out with father-in law, brother, friends husbands and, of course, young kids, I like to opt for ones that are less revealing and all my favorites suits show a lot of the ladies. Let me know if you guys want a post about what I actually bought, love and feel comfortable wearing.

But back to these shoes. They are lightweight, cute and comfortable. I feel like I can run fast in them and are easy to pull on and off (have you heard of my disdain for laces and tying my shoes? Who’s got the time??)

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XTFree Bluetooth Wireless Sweat Resistant Earbuds, $50:

These are my go-to headphones. Again, I haven’t tried every one on the market, but I have a few different wireless headphones and prefer this every time. They stay put, have the controls on the cord (not on the actual earpiece like some others which means you can accidentally turn them off if you are adjusting them) and they stay in my tiny ear holes. I have found that much cheaper ones are, well, cheap, but I’ve spent more and have not felt that it’s worth the dough.

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Aaptiv Workout App, $14.99/month or $99/year:

I have a theory that personal trainers (like interior designers) might be going away for most people except the highly wealthy because of apps and the Internet, which make is just so much more convenient and cheaper. I’ve had personal trainers over the years and while I love having them, trying to coordinate time (they are always booked in the morning) and, of course, the fee (in LA they start at $80 if you want them to come to you) is pretty cost prohibitive. I’ve tried group classes to save money but with my schedule, it’s really hard to find the right class at 6 am. LONG STORY SHORT, I’ve been doing Aaptiv since Souptember and it’s the only real way that I’ll workout and even remotely push myself. I know that if I had a personal trainer, I’d get pushed more, but it’s a good substitute that is FAR more convenient and affordable. I’ll often just go on a 22 minute run with intervals and lunges (Akeem is my favorite trainer) and then if I’m up for it, I’ll try an 8 minute HIIT workout or strength training right after. Just the intervals, which include sprinting, get my endorphins up and change my day drastically. Again, it hasn’t really gotten me a six-pack because I don’t do it enough or hard enough but it’s good for maintenance and stress relief. I haven’t tried the yoga yet and if anyone can recommend the best power yoga instructor on the app, that would be awesome.

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I’d love recommendations on sports bras and shoes that are really supportive for tennis because while I played in high school and was actually pretty good at it, the last time I played was 8 years ago and I sprained my ankle pretty badly. Any good shoes for lateral moves? Any recommendations for good family outdoor summer sport or activities? What age can kids start rock climbing? We’ve tried hiking and we just end up carrying them…help. ?

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