Even though this apartment has a lot of natural light and a well designed layout, since it is a newly built, the building itself lacks some character compared to the beautiful turn of the century homes I often share here. Nevertheless, the space has been styled to perfection to add character and has been made very cozy and inviting.

The walls are painted in a very subtile grey, which goes nicely with the warm wood of the flooring, which has been largely covered by these grey area rugs to add extra texture. The round dining table with the linen table cloth* and the big rice-paper shade above it works perfectly in front of the angled wall. The lower bench next to the dining table is used for deco objects and I love that the wood tint is slightly darker, adding variety to this corner.

On the other side of the living room the sofa is placed on a large area rug and I love the combination of the cool blue elements in the print and pillow cases* combined with the beige in the furniture.

The dining area in the kitchen features a mixture of beige, walnut and black accents and I love the color palette of the bedroom as well, which is slightly warmer. The warm beige in the curtains* and the blanket on the bed* really warm up the palette in this room and I love the small home office in front of the window.

Styled by Bon Interior, photographed by Pousard photography for Lundin

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