Believe it or not, a lamp can really change the mood in a space. We’re not only talking about floor lamps which have a big impact on the decor and ambiance but also about table lamps which may be smaller but have just as much impact on their surroundings. The search for a beautiful piece of contemporary lighting, be it a lamp, a chandelier or something else, is never easy, especially with so many different models to choose from. We’ve seen a whole lot of lamps lately but only a few of them stood out. Here they are:

We’ll start with two of our top favorite models: the LEM 200 and the Up table lamp. They both feature graceful and slender frames made of painted metal and shades made of opal Murano glass. The Lem lamp stands on four slender legs and looks like a blank globe while the Up lamp is supported by a metal base that spirals around itself.

This is the Curve table lamp, an accessory which impresses with its strong architectural look and with its refined and elegant design which also manages to stay simple and even pretty strong and sturdy from the looks of it. The lamp is handcrafted from brass sheet sections and has a cloth shade which contrasts with the frame yet fits in naturally.

This is as much a lamp as it is a sculpture. The design of the Cairo table lamp is inspired by the Deco movement and is very graphical in nature, featuring a combination of contrasting geometric forms, materials and finishes. It’s a statement piece which celebrates style and luxury. Despite its clean lines and forms, the design is actually quite abstract.

All three table lamps featured here are part of the Alchemist Collection. They’re a blend of modern and traditional elements, fused together into one-of-a-kind designs. You can see here the Vidro lamp to the left, the Azores to the right and the Odyssey lamp in between them. The two lamps that have shades are pretty similar in form and design while the third one is smaller and in a category of its own.

There’s another nice lamp in the Alchemist Collection and it’s called Liquid. It’s actually just the base of the table lamp since the lampshade doesn’t come with it. This means you can personalize your lamp with any shade you want. This type of flexibility makes each lamp unique and customized according to its owner’s style.

Cabana is a table lamp that blends traditional design with modern elements and a hint of tropical charm. It comes as a lamp base only and can be paired with a variety of different shades which can bring out its character or complement the design in a unique manner.

Heathfield offers a wide range of beautiful table lamps with designs inspired by a variety of concepts. The Fern lamps, for instance, are inspired by the plants that gave them their name, in particular by their patterns and symmetrical forms as well as the staggering amount of details which are highlighted by the lamps’ metallic glaze. The inspiration for the Dune lamps comes from the world’s deserts and the beauty of the landscapes. These elements are captured by the distressed bronze finish which gives the lamps an interesting texture. The Maxxi lamps, on the other hand, were inspired by the bold lines of contemporary architecture and capture these forms on their elegant ceramic bodies.

We don’t know much about this intriguing-looking set of lamps, except for the fact that they’re spherical in form (at least the bottom part is) and made of nickel-plated brass. The bottom sphere contains a cast iron ballast and the shade looks like a helmet or a little robot’s head. This is desk lamp 1925 designed by Felix Aublet.

The shade of the Londres table lamp looks too big for its body and it’s this contrast which shapes the lamp and gives it character, The designer, Bruno Moinard, chose brass and blackwood stone as materials for the lamp’s base. This makes this beautiful accessory timeless, allowing it to change with time and to surpass the trends. The fact that the design is actually a bit odd and unusual helps as well.

How cool are these lamps? They’re so incredibly simple and yet they’re more detailed than they let us see at first. The Cubic Lamp designed by Jean-Michel Frank & Adolphe Chanaux features a base made of patinated steel and an alabaster shade which is in fact a set of four rectangular panels with no cover at the top. The light is subtle and gentle to the eyes and this makes the lamp perfect for nightstands and for bedrooms in general.

This is Saturno, a table lamp designed to take up little space and to offer a lot in terms of style. It comes with a frame available in polished copper, polished black nickel and polished gold and a shade of cristallo trihedrons. The combination is beautiful and elegant without becoming opulent. Use it to add a bit of luxury to your desk or to lift the spirit in the reading corner or in the bedroom.

Colette is a very delicate and bohemian-looking lamp. Its glass base is particularly beautiful, featuring a feminine silhouette that goes really well with this particular choice of shade. The base is available with a chrome or gold finish and the lampshade is sold separately. We find the lamp to be very cute and reminiscent of a doll wearing a dress. Check out all the cool color options and mix and match them as you see fit.

Speaking of graceful and delicate table lamp designs, check out Tulip, a lamp with a very interesting form which balances masculine and feminine influences and which find harmony in simplicity. The fluid and continuous lamp is actually made of two separate parts. One is a slender stem and the other is the shade. They come in 22 different colors which can be combined as desired in order to create the perfect look for each particular space and decor.

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