The pergola started out an arched structure usually in a garden consisting of a framework covered with plants. With the minimalism typical to contemporary architecture and design, the pergola designs changed too and plants were eliminated from the equation. The remaining element, the framework, can take a variety of different forms. You can check out some of the coolest options in the examples below.

The Sky Box House designed by Garg Architects in Panchkula, India has a beautiful outdoor area framed by a sleek pergola which forms a sort of arch linking the top of the exterior wall to the roof of the building. It’s a simplified interpretation of the traditional pergola, with thinner lines and a different geometry. 

Wahana Architects designed a very beautiful residence in Jakarta, Indonesia which features an unusually long pergola. It extends over the outdoor lounge deck and across the swimming pool all the way to the other side. It gives a sense of intimacy and containment which completes the property.

The residence designed by Jarchitecture Pty in Rhyll, Australia features a large wooden deck with glass railings which allows the interior living area to seamlessly extend outside. The pergola roof creates a beautiful layered look, sitting below the roof line. 

A pergola in the more traditional sense was designed by architect Mihaly Slocombe for a residence located in Geelong, Australia. The pergola roof frames and completes an outdoor deck which serves as an extension for the living spaces. The fact that the deck matches the indoor flooring is a nice design detail. 

Another interesting pergola design was created by O plus L for a house which they built in Pacific Palisades, California. It features a simple and classic roof line and the interesting part in this case is the framework which features these big posts which give the outdoor lounge space a cozy and intimate feel.

Two walkways framed by modern pergolas ensure the symmetry of this house’s design. The residence was designed by MHNDU and is located in Australia. The solid framework contrasts with the slender roof lines and the combination is nicely balanced. 

A pergola complements the outdoor kitchen/ bbq area of this house designed  by Thomas Shafer Architects, ensuring that the transition from indoor to outdoor is smooth and seamless. 

The collaboration between AS arquitectura and R79 in Champoton, Maxico resulted in a very special project. The house built here features a unique combo of multiple different architectural styles. Notice the way in which the wood and metal pergola contrasts with the stone facade.

The remodel of this house from Buenos Aires, Argentina done by Ana Rascovsky Arqs. reveals five different ways to use the exterior:a side yard , a back patio, an entrance courtyard, a terrace and a roof deck with a chic and breezy pergola.

Some of the most interesting and beautiful pergola designs are those that somehow reinvent the classic framework structure, like this one for example. This is a design created by fmd architects for a house located in Melbourne, Australia.

Located in Saint Peters, Australia, in a conservative suburb, this residence designed by Glasshouse pushes the boundaries of its simple design by featuring a contemporary double-story extension clad in zinc and with a pergola that tightly holds onto the sides of an elevated deck.

Originally a simple cottage, this structure from Kingston upon Thames in the UK was renovated and at the same time extended by McGarry-Moon Architects and has become a contemporary home with a lot of cool features, including a dramatic-looking pergola. 

This simple and yet sophisticated-looking outdoor lounge area is the perfect space from which to enjoy the view and the serene ambiance. This extended pergola is something that Scott Posno Design created for a house from Clarington, Canada which is positioned on a site adjacent to a large conservation forest. 

This beautiful pergola is the perfect design accessory for this contemporary barn house in Voorschoten, The Netherlands. The house occupies a site adjacent to a dense forest which offers it  lots of privacy as well as nice views. Architect eigen huis made sure to highlight this in every way possible. 

Designed by ESSTEAM in collaboration with the client, this house from Surat, India pushes the boundaries of conventional design and reinvents the basics, including this pergola which is actually a section of the facade. 

You wouldn’t really expect to find a garden like this one in the middle of a busy and crowded city but that’s exactly the case here. This is the rooftop garden created by Bent Architecture for their clients who wanted to bring the charm of suburban homes into the city. The garden has a pergola and everything. 

When designing this house located in Las Vegas, assemblageSTUDIO and the client were determined to blur the line between indoor and outdoor as best and as seamlessly as possible. This stylish pergola and outdoor kitchen and lounge space are a wonderful representation of that. 

This is a rather liberal interpretation of the whole pergola concept. It’s a design created by Studio Arthur Casas for a summerhouse near São Paulo in Brazil. The overall design and structure of the house frame beautiful views of a nearby golf course while bringing in lots of natural light at the same time. 

This pergola’s framework looks like an unfinished section of the existing house. It’s an interesting design direction taken by Sheri Gaby Architects. The project’s main objective was to preserve the house’s dimensions and to optimize the layout and distribution of the spaces, including the outdoor ones like this pergola deck. 

The owners of this beautiful house from Bauru, in Brazil wanted their new home to be compact and more on the conventional side but also to share a strong relationship with the site and the immediate surroundings. FGMF Arquitetos managed to turn these wishes into reality and this is the result: a charming home with glazed walls, a cozy courtyard and lovely pergolas. 

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