A bright pillow in a bedroom can change the bedroom mood easily. Besides being one of the main features on your bed, it can also decorative the bed look. Stacking and setting some pillows in front of the headboard can show the desired style of the bedroom owner. There are also many pillow covers in some calming colors that can also brighten up the room. A light purple pillow can be added to a purple bedroom or even in a neutral colored bedroom. The following are some beautiful light purple pillows that will inspire you to choose a pop and calming pillows for your beloved bedroom.

A Lovely Bedroom with Colorful Accents

Some unique and colorful features fill in this lovely bedroom. The classic chandelier and fluffy light purple pillow add an eclectic and romantic feel in this space. A white petite table and two white chairs are tucked beneath the bedroom windows to make a charming spot.

A Pop Color on The Bed

This minimalist bedroom features a grey bed, white bedding, some light purple pillows, wooden floor, white side tables, and modern table lamps. The purple pillows on the bed really become a nice pop statement in this plain room.

Color Mixtures

Here are another purple accents in a bedroom. These accents combine the pastel purple color with the plain of white and grey. The pale shades of purple can make a relaxing choice for a bedroom.

A Glamorous Purple Bedroom

This bedroom feels like a special bedroom in a castle. It looks so luxury with the purple, silk, and glamorous chandelier. Above the satin light purple pillows, there is a purple canopy and a large tufted headboard that creates a classic style for a bedroom.

A Striped Bedding in White and Purple

Paired with the plain dark and bright colors, a soft version of violet makes this trendy girls bedroom a refreshing retreat. The light purple pillows are put on the purple and white striped bedding.

A Pop Feature in A Plain Room

This classic bedroom offers a comfortable bed, a wooden dresser, and a white seating space. The light purple pillows become the only feature with pop color in this spacious white and brown bedroom.

Purple Walls with Purple Accents

Sometimes having a darker shade of blanket or bedding is a good way to make a bold statement. The light purple pillow emphasizes the soft hue as the purple walls.

Bolder Hue

It is another option to bring bold purple hues into your bedroom via the textiles, then pick some light purple pillows, bedding, and walls. You will get a nice hint of soothing colors in your bedroom that relates to the bolder hue.

A Farmhouse Bedroom with Purple Accents

A farmhouse style bedroom doesn’t only have industrial features and some plain colors, but also it can be added with a pastel color like the purple hues in this bedroom.

A Pretty Bedroom

This pretty bedroom has a nice combination of purple and grey. It also comes with luxurious features such as the mirrored nightstands, mirrors, and pendant lamps.