A spiral staircase is the type of feature that manages to perfectly blend the ideas of functional and good-looking and on top of that manages to be space-efficient too. But today we’re not going to discuss the particularities of the design, form and proportions, at least not in a detailed manner. The subject of today’s article is the steel spiral staircase. This material is quite popular in modern and contemporary interior design, not to mention industrial interiors. It can, however, look just a bit too cold, rugged and harsh in certain cases so sometimes designers try to balance out these characteristics by using steel in combination with wood which is known for its warmth.

A sculptural spiral staircase made of steel is the focal point of a duplex located in Tel Aviv and designed by Gerstner Din in 2012. The staircase is not just a link between the two floors of the duplex but also a visual divider between the two main zones: the public area which contains the kitchen and the living room and the private area which contains the bedrooms.

Situated at the heart of Paris this duplex designed by Studio Ko is a space defined by strong contrasts and unexpected elements. One of them is a steel spiral staircase which wraps around a bare concrete column. As light shines down on the stairs, a delicate aura is created around a rather rugged structure. This is one of the cases when steel is complemented by wood for a balanced and welcoming look.

The extension designed by Cousins & Cousins for this semi-detached home in London has a rather unusual staircase. The best way to describe it is as a steel-wrapped staircase since it’s not your typical spiral staircase, at least not entirely. First of all, the design is not symmetrical, featuring an unusually elongated and somewhat linear structure as opposed to be more tightly wound upper section of the stairs.

One of the best things about a spiral staircase is the fact that it’s very compact and space-saving which makes it great for tiny homes. This side of the design is highlighted in a very stylish manner by Emilie Bédard Architecte who renovated an old house in Montreal, Canada which dated back to 1910. They designed the staircase entirely out of steel and gave it a sculptural and graphical look.

Speaking of sculptural staircases made of steel, check out this gorgeous design that architecture firm HYLA came up with when they planned the interior of a two-storey family home in Singapore. It’s as if the staircase is framed by a cage and that makes it visually stunning. It’s one of the cases where the industrial side of this material comes as a secondary detail to the aesthetic of the design.

Of course, you can’t just stick a steel spiral staircase anywhere and expect it to fit and to look beautiful. The setting and the surrounding design have to be just right. A nice example is the residence that Blank Studio redesigned in 2006. The house is located in Phoenix, US and has this rugged but at the same time stylish and elegant vibe.

When the kitchen of this stylish home from the Hamptons in New York was designed, the focus was on the industrial aesthetic of the space and one material stood out: stainless steel. It was used in a variety of different ways giving this modular kitchen a pretty cool look but the element which stands out from from crowd is the staircase which has a particularly rugged, industrial vibe.

As it turns out, steel spiral staircases are pretty common in homes that used to be warehouses or industrial spaces in general. One example is a home located in San Francisco inside a building that dates back to the 1930s and which used to be a warehouse at one point. Designer Stanley Saitowitz of architecture firm Natoma Architects worked together to restore the industrial character of the space and this staircase is one of the focal points that they created.

Not all spiral staircase made of steel have a rugged look and a strong industrial vibe. Some look surprisingly delicate and sophisticated. The best example we could think of in this particular case is a staircase fabricated by Ferra Designs and displayed in a modern Tribeca loft. As you can see, it has wooden steps and perforated steel sheets gently wrapped around them which let light enter through the holes in their patterns.

It’s difficult to say what’s most charming and beautiful about this steel spiral staircase. It’s a combination between the fact that the staircase is wrapped around this conical stone fireplace, the fact that it’s made of steel and the fact that there are accent lights at the top which create a wonderful sunburst effect.  This is one of the features designed by Liddicoat & Goldhill for a house in the London countryside.

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