This beautiful apartment has a very soft look and this is mainly because of the mixture of the warm grey walls (or ‘greige’ like they call it, something in between grey and beige), minimal use of soft pastel colors and natural materials in the furniture.

The dusty pink pillows on the light linen sofa cover work very well with the white area rug and the small exposed brick wall in between the windows. Rather then using green plants – which would give this space a completely different look – branches in red and brown were used, which match this warm color palette.

The kitchen looks like a very cozy space to cook and have dinner and the beautiful marble backsplash is paired up perfectly with the natural wooden shelving and the soaped oak Mogensen J39 chairs. The warm details in the branch and terracotta tea pot really stand out in this all grey look.

The bedroom has a cooler look because of the blue bedding. Imagine a dusty pink bedding here and the look would be completely different wouldn’t it ? Such a great effect a piece of textile can have to the look of a space.

Styled by Grey Deco, photographed by Jonas Berg for Stadshem

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