Plants have a certain power to bring life to any space or corner and make it look healthier. I’ve always had a love for plants and lately I’ve been searching for cool ways to incorporate some plants in my style, in my home. You need to pay attention to the type of plant you choose because their behavior is different with every corner or space you’ll put them in. There are plants that strive in dark spaces and there are plants that do very good in light spacious places.

Also, when you incorporate plants into your home be aware of the fact that if you want them to look pretty and lively you will have to take care of them and water them as many times as they need to be watered.



You can liven every space in your house by adding a plant. Get a trendy monstera for your living room and it will instantly make it look more elegant. Add a plant in your favourite reading spot and your journeys through the book will become even more interesting.  Don’t forget about the bedroom! Not only do they look good but they are also beneficial for your lungs. Mmm breathe in that good oxygen!  




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