Beautiful DIY Spring Wall Art With Cherry Blooms

Bring spring mood and spirit to your interior with this gorgeous craft! This simple wall decoration doesn’t take much time but it will easily add tenderness and an outdoorsy feeling to any room. here the frame is made by us but you can use any ready ones, too, and crepe paper is perfect for creating spring paper flowers, crepe blooms look much more natural than those from colored paper. Cover the branches with a matte finish for wood, it will help them avoid powdering. Add a unique touch to your spring twigs home decor decorating it with your own handmade cherry blossoms.
Watch the video tutorial to find out how to make a frame of wood (there’s a detailed step-by-step instruction) or just buy a ready one and paint it white or in any other color that you like.Find proper branches (better with moss on them for a more natural look) to fit your frame.

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