Choosing dark colors for the window frames or painting the trim black is a neat trick which can offer many advantages. Black is a timeless neutral. It’s always been elegant and it goes with everything. However, black is also a very strong color and it should be used in moderation. A few accent details are enough to make a decor stand out. Black window frames can be one such feature.

Since black is a neutral, it can be used in combination with other neutrals to create pleasant and inviting decors. For instance, Anne Decker Architects chose black as a color for the window frames in order to create a more natural and seamless connection with the outdoors. The overall decor is nicely balanced. The black frames contrast with the white walls but, at the same time, they blend in better with the views.

Architect Jason Thomas chose black for the thin window frames but also for the staircase railings and this creates a beautiful cohesion in the space. Both the windows and the staircase give the decor a graphical appearance. Moreover, the contrast between the black lines and the white walls and ceilings energize the space and give it a fresh and bold look.

A black trim around the windows or, in the case of this space designed by Bradley Heppner, thin and black frames, can help highlight a view or a particular space. Similarly, such a design detail can outline a focal point present in the decor or outside of it.

In some cases, the design, shape and style of the windows can be coordinated with other elements and the result is a cohesive and coherent space. A good example is the design by newmann & mansback. We love the graphical accent given by the windows combined with the furniture and the color palette.

Black window frames also look beautiful from the outside. In the case of the building designed by SDG (Simpson Design Group) they create the illusion of more architecture and they outline the structure’s forms and architecture in general. The black frames have a classical allure which is imprinted on the entire structure.

A neat trick is to use a dark trim around the windows and doors to hide certain small imperfections. It’s practical and very efficient. In addition, the trim will also have an impact on the interior design and decor of the space by contrasting with the walls and by creating new focal points. The designers at Deepdale House used this strategy here.

The focus can also be strictly on the windows and doors. Black frames can give them a more classical look but can also offer them an industrial appearance. This can be a desirable detail in certain cases. Crittall can definitely help with that. However, the strategy is not the most suitable if the goal is to create a minimalist, contemporary design with a focus on seamless transitions and panoramic views.

One of the strategies an interior designer can use to emphasize the height of a space is to highlight the large windows. Black frames make that super easy, as depicted here by Summerour and Associates. However, if you wish to apply a similar strategy, keep in mind that it works well with high ceiling and isn’t such a good option for small rooms with low ceiling heights.

It’s important to also take into consideration the style of the overall interior design which also includes the windows. Their size, form and overall specifications have a big impact on the architecture and decor of the space. Finesse Built gave this residence full height windows and large doors with sleek black frames as a way to maximize the views and to establish a strong connection with the outdoors.

Smaller windows with black frames can also look really interesting. Check out this kitchen put together by Crisp Architects. It has a decor based on black and white, a timeless and classical combination. We love the way black was used to highlight and frame certain design elements such as the lighting fixtures, the cabinet hardware and also the views.

The vibrant colors and beautiful views seen here wouldn’t have looked so wonderful if they weren’t properly framed by the windows and doors. It’s why the dark accents matter so much in a space dominated by light tones and bright decors. This is a residence designed by Mia Karlsson.

Another advantage offered by black window frames and trims is the fact that, when combined with high ceilings, they have a dramatic effect on the overall architecture and decor of the building. This has been successfully demonstrated by Ade Architecture when designing this cool residence.

The really wonderful thing about the windows in the case of this house designed by Lisa Petrole is that they contrast with the arch and with all the other curves and delicate silhouettes that define the interior decor of the living spaces.

The framed windows and doors make a big statement here and their impact on the architecture and the design of the building is this strong because of the contrast created with the white facades. This combination gives the house a very clean and symmetrical look, features that Marvin emphasized in a really cool and elegant way.

The overall impact of the windows and doors is less dramatic when the frames are as thin and as sleek as presented here by The Works. The overall image is harmonious thanks to all the other details such as the glass-door cabinetry or the floor tiles which bring cohesion to the space.

When the window frames contrast with the walls this defines them a lot better. It’s a useful detail when the idea is to emphasize the symmetry of a decor, such as in the case of the residence designed by Aspen Architecture. This can be best seen in the bedroom where the windows and doors occupy almost an entire wall. They’re nicely framed by the walls and by the pitched roof.

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