The celebration of a wedding is more than the union of two people in love, there are two whole families that come together as one. And our favorite part is all the celebrations and meetings prior to the big day. One of the most important and relaxing for the bride to be is usually her Bridal Shower. Do not confuse it with a bachelorette party, a Bridal Shower is usually a more relaxed and a discreet alternative, but with the same feelings of friendship that unites us with our closest friends and family and with our new family as well.

Traditionally this meeting is held a few weeks before the big day, usually in the afternoon. Anecdotes and marriage couples advice is shared for the future bride, along with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. If you have the time and the spirits we may advise you to celebrate both, a Bridal Shower and a Bachelorette Party.

Bachelorette parties tend to be crazier and it is normal for some future brides to decide to leave aunts and grandmothers at home. That is why a Bridal Shower is perfect to not leave behind these beloved relatives of our celebration and enthusiasm.

The Bridal Shower guests in addition to their wise advice usually bring some presents for the future bride. Not for the spouses, not for the house, a gift specially thought-out for her, it can be a good book, jewelry or why not, some lingerie, and likewise, the bride or party organizers are expected to thank the attendees with a small souvenir.

We do not want your Bridal Shower Favors to be at the bottom of a shelf or even worse end up in the trashcan, that is why this time we will show you the best Compact Mirrors, which by the way you can customize, so you can give them away to all your closest friends and family. We can assure you that they will love it and  proudly carry it inside their purses all the time!

Don’t wait any longer, scroll down to see the most Beautiful Compact Mirrors For Your Bridal Shower and enjoy your party to the fullest!



This Gold Compact features a copper foil personalized sticker resting atop shining gold-toned metal! Unique and elegant, the sticker places your chosen names or monogram on the front of each compact, creating personalized timeless bridal party gifts, bridal shower favors or wedding favors. Each compact contains dual mirrors and a simple pull-apart lock closing mechanism!

Beautiful Compact Mirrors For Your Bridal Shower1

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Gorgeous on the inside, and gorgeous on the outside! Personalized Gold Compact features a custom Hello Gorgeous sticker on the front and opens up to dual mirrors to show your recipients just how beautiful they are. A special bridal shower gift, for your most honored guests, this compact can be used to bring fond memories of your event for years to come!

Beautiful Compact Mirrors For Your Bridal Shower2

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This gorgeous personalized Gold Compact puts your chosen monogram on a practical bridal shower favor and useful guest gift! The compact is made from sturdy metal with a gold-toned finish and holds double mirrors inside that recipients can use to always look their best. The monogram design sticker makes this the perfect personalized gift for bridal parties and honored guests!

Beautiful Compact Mirrors For Your Bridal Shower3

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This practical trinket is the perfect tropical bridal shower favor. Pineapple leaves and palm fronds dance on a golden surface with this personalized Gold Compact with pineapples and palms sticker design! The sticker shows the monogram and date of your choice, while the golden metal goes perfectly with the sunny-day feel of the sticker design. Inside of the compact are two matching mirrors protected by a simple pull-apart locking mechanism!

Beautiful Compact Mirrors For Your Bridal Shower4

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For Indian Bridal Shower Favors this personalized Gold Compact with an Indian Jewel theme, You can place them at each table setting, and guests can primp and make sure they’re looking great during your special occasion. Or, pass them out after the party’s over for a beautiful memento of the special occasion. (coming soon)

Beautiful Compact Mirrors For Your Bridal Shower5

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Give your guests the very best with a personalized Elements Gold Compact. Not only is this personal mirror extremely functional, but it will also send a sweet message when you add your custom details like names, monograms and bridal shower date to your choice of two decorative Elements themed stickers. (coming soon)

Beautiful Compact Mirrors For Your Bridal Shower6

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Your bachelor and bachelorette parties are a great occasion to have fun with your friends and family before you say “I do!” No matter who’s on your guest list, it’s a thoughtful gesture to present them with party favors. Personalized Bachelor & Bachelorette Gold Compacts are stylish and functional to gift your best friends after your bachelor or bachelorette party. Start by customizing these personalized compacts with a fun message in a bachelor or bachelorette theme. (coming soon)


Beautiful Compact Mirrors For Your Bridal Shower7

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