The living room, also the center of this apartment in terms of layout, has been painted in a muted shade of olive green, which has such a great effect on the mood of this home. I love the way this color has been paired with tints of beige in the sofa cover*, the fluffy beige area rug and the mixture of pillow cases* in the sofa. The sheer beige curtains* in front of these turn of the century windows soften out the beautiful daylight coming in and I love the contrast with the darker tints in the art prints on the wall.

The wall between the living room and kitchen has been removed, opening up the layout. I love that even though these rooms are adjacent, the wall color of the kitchen is white, lighting up the kitchen space in contrast to the living room.

The bedroom has been painted in a dark beige, which goes well with the color of the living room and hallway. I love the small home office in the corner of this bedroom and the fluffy area makes the space looks so warm and cozy. The beige bedsheets* go so nicely with the wall color and I love the peg rail* in the nice next to the door as well, which is used for hanging clothes and a little hand mirror.

Styled by Emma Fischer, photographed by Anders Bergstedt for Alvhem

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