Beautiful and very simple DIY bowls from leaves and clay

Polymeric self-hardening clay can make bowls of extraordinary beauty. At the end of the work, they can be painted or decorated in some other way. It is easy to create such a bowl, and the materials will require the bare minimum.

Wonderful Diy craft ideas from doilies and lace for your home decoration

To work you will need:

polymer self-hardening clay
several different dense leaves;
bedding and roller;
sharp scissors;
aluminum foil;
Getting Started:

On the prepared working surface we roll out self-hardening clay, on top we place the washed, dried, dense sheet with beautiful veins. Thoroughly press the sheet into the clay using a roller. The edges are cut with sharp scissors. Place overnight in a bowl so that the edges are slightly bent. The next day, we shift the foil to the final drying (in the foil the clay dries much faster). Then gently remove the sheet with tweezers, and the extraordinary bowl is ready.















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