Having the right cabinet in your home can make all the difference. That is the same statement for a bathroom, too. One of the most surefire ways to improve the looks and functionality of your bathroom is through the thoughtful addition of bathroom cabinets.

Bathroom wall cabinets create the illusion that it’s “floating” above the floor. This adds a genuine sense of authenticity to a space, no matter what its existing decor concept might be. Bathroom wall cabinets offer a unique choice for adding personality and creating the feel of custom cabinetry, even if it’s not. Because it’s unexpected, bathroom wall cabinets provide an innovative way to create a striking focal point that helps define the character of a space and make a statement.

While talking about bathroom furniture, you will agree that we have to talk about the color choice for it. In this post, we are going to talk about one specific color choice for bathroom wall cabinets; black.

Black color will fit any kind of room, or bathroom decor, wallpaper, or other design pieces. It can also be designed against soft colors to create a more relaxing elegant feel.

You might love to have some ideas for upgrading your bathroom and get the whole advantage of black bathroom wall cabinets. Let’s check out our chosen ideas!

1. Glass and Open Shelves

This idea of black bathroom wall cabinets allows you to have some opened and closed storage. It will give you the advantage of storing thing that able to receive a direct air contact and not at the same time.

Black Bathroom Wall Cabinet 1
Image via icanhasgif.com

2. Doors and Drawers

This idea provides you two kind of closed storage; ones with doors, and ones with drawers. It is good because you can store anything you like based on the size and the advantage of the storage.

Black Bathroom Wall Cabinet 2
Image via myideasbedroom.com

3. Modern Black and White with Metal Handle

Looking for a modern-styled bathroom wall cabinets? This modern and simple design of bathroom wall cabinets might satisfy your need. It will fit your simple and modern existing bathroom decor.

Black Bathroom Wall Cabinet 3
Image via furnitureinfashion.net

4. Modern 2-Doors Wall Cabinet

Here comes a simple idea of black bathroom wall cabinets, comes with 2 doors and simple metal handle. Sure will fit any kind of bathroom decor.

Black Bathroom Wall Cabinet 5
Image via www.homedepot.com

5. Connected to Sink in Modern Design

If you have a small bathroom, having a multi-functional furniture probably a must. Just like this idea of black bathroom a wall cabinet. With a simple modern look, it will save your space as it is connected to the sink. It will make all your activity become easy at one place.

Black Bathroom Wall Cabinet 6
Image via www.styleshouse.net

6. 2-Doors with Frosted Glass

This idea of black bathroom wall cabinet makes it easy to find anything you store in it and have a beautiful look at the same time, as the frosted glass will give a good illumination of the things appearance.

Black Bathroom Wall Cabinet 7
Image via butik.work

7. Blurred Glass Door and Long Drawers

Again, who doesn’t love to have more than one kind of storage in the same furniture? Just like this idea of black bathroom wall cabinets. It allows you to have the advantage of blurred glass door and long drawers at the same time.

Black Bathroom Wall Cabinet 8
Image via www.hayneedle.com

8. Modern Black Bathroom Wall Cabinet with Sliding Door

Get the advantage of sliding door by having one of this modern black bathroom wall cabinet. A very catchy one to be a part of your bathroom space.

Black Bathroom Wall Cabinet 4
Image via www.earlylearningcommunity.org

9. Beautiful Textured Black Bathroom Wall Cabinet Set

If you are looking for a set of black bathroom wall cabinet, this idea might fulfill your need beautifully. Look at the texture look of the cabinets’ surface. Aren’t they gorgeous?

Black Bathroom Wall Cabinets 9
Image via davinong.com

10. Glossy Set

Here is another reference of black bathroom wall cabinet set. With glossy surface and thin white line as the frame, it turns your bathroom into a splendid and elegant one. Look at the picture below as the inspiration.

Black Bathroom Wall Cabinets 13
Image via www.digsdigs.com

11. Black Wavy Shaped Bathroom Wall Cabinet and Sink

If you are always love to have contemporary and modern furniture, especially for your bathroom, this might be a great idea for you to adopt. With a beautiful wavy and curvy shape, it reflects a unique personality. It also has a built-in sink. Everybody loves multi-functional furniture.

Black Bathroom Wall Cabinets 14
Image via interiordecorating-idea.blogspot.com

12. White and Textured Black Bathroom Wall Cabinet

If you’d like to have a simple and a little bit bigger bathroom wall cabinet, this idea might help you. With a combination of white color and textured black pattern on the center, this vertical-shaped cabinet will be a perfect idea for a small bathroom.

Black Bathroom Wall Cabinets 13
Image via www.golime.co

So which idea do you prefer to adopt for your bathroom upgrade? Don’t hesitate to share with us. Have a fun time experimenting with your black bathroom wall cabinet!

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