It’s rare that I make something, give it away and end up missing it, but I did with this loose comfy dress from 2015. So here’s another version of it, I’ve wanted to experiment with this type of gathered front piece for a while and turns out it’s SUPER easy, and a nice way to add fullness to a dress (or top).

Fabric (I used cotton-rayon, 2 m)  |  Bias tape (for neckline)  |   Scissors  |  Pins  |  Thread & Sewing machine
I. First I cut out all my pieces. Measurements for a dress that fits EU36-38 (US 4-6) loosely. I’m 175 cm tall.
II. Then I gathered the smaller rectangular piece to fit the hole in the front piece..
.. And sewed it in place:
III. Repeated the same for the back piece, to match the width of the yoke. I show here how to attach the two layers of the yoke in more detail – you essentially just sandwich the fabric in between.
IV. Then took the right side of the yoke and faced it with the right side of the front dress piece, and sewed that shoulder seam…
… And on the reverse, the other yoke layer I pressed folds on along the shoulder lines, and top-stitched on the right side to finish that part.
V. Then finished the neckline with bias tape. More detail on that method here.
VI. Then attached sleeves, and finally did the sleeve underseams and side seams.
All done!
I finished my sleeves and the dress hem with a 2 cm double fold.