Diversity is only good, so find a coat to your own taste and body shapes very easily. For basic wardrobe for the winter take a note on fashion this season the coat is A-line with voluminous cut, which is especially good in combination with a slim fitted bottom.

Базовый гардероб 2020: 15 стильных образов

Blazer preppy plaid or textured material — the thing is much more versatile for a basic wardrobe for the winter, than it seems at first glance. Do not have to go to University to carry — you can combine this jacket with things made of leather, with denim, with a classic white top and black bottom.

Sweaters — in fact, the main things of the cold season, and hence for basic wardrobe for the winter. Find the range your «one and only» — a warm sweater from marLED wool or with the original patterns in the foreground in with skirts, trousers, jeans and even shorts in the winter.

Basic wardrobe for women 40 years of 2020 photo

Women after 40 years, attracts more and more classic clothing. Advantageously gives them the appearance of simple, elegant tailoring of the clothes in the wardrobe. The lady at this age already, she is feminine and charming. If a young girl can afford negligence and some weirdness in clothing for 40 year old woman is unacceptable. The most suitable for her image — which successfully blends the chic and conservatism. She can choose any direction in fashion – retro, vintage or Provence.

Базовый гардероб 2020: 15 стильных образов

Among the main characteristics of style 2020 is a fashionable and very feminine Maxi length. In doing the dainty summer skirts, sundresses, dresses. For women over 40 manufacturers of women’s clothing offer a trendy collection of clothes of different colors and styles. They will make women stylish and unique will allow you to acquire ease and confidence. You can safely go on searching for myself-in closet.

Базовый гардероб 2020: 15 стильных образов

Emphasize the dignity of the figure. If you have a thin waist, be sure to show her properly picking up skirts and dresses. The proper cut of clothes, the accessories matching belt to help you cope with this task – so you focus attention on the waist and round hips. Women over 40 it is better to abandon the mini skirts, fishnet stockings and a plunging neckline. If you have beautiful Breasts, choose clothing that is flattering, but not bare.

2020 basic dresses photos fashion trends

In principle, no limitations, no rules to select dresses for spring no. The only buying the thing you plan to wear a lot and often, carefully read the composition of the fabric and you better not skimp on quality and cut. The most convenient and appropriate length — on the floor-palms above the knee, it is logical to choose the model of calm shades which will match with most of your clothes.

Базовый гардероб 2020: 15 стильных образов

Dress to the knee made of wool and other warm materials go in the drawer, they are replaced by models of similar cut, but is made of light fabrics in light shades. Every day best suited straight or flared dress or just above the knee. Color — beige, light gray, blue, or blue. Especially captivating white, but wear it better in dry weather — okutyvaya you from the pool of motorists has not been canceled.

Базовый гардероб 2020: 15 стильных образов

The main joy of mid-April, the dry streets, and accordingly, the opportunity to wear your favorite shoes with the dress and not be afraid to spoil them. In the spring you will need at least one pair of classic court. Choose a model with a heel no higher than 9 inches, otherwise nice shoes most of the time spend in the closet while you will run across cases in sneakers. The color in this case is also important, the hit of this spring — white.

Basic summer wardrobe 2020 photo novelties

Summer 2020 – this time gentle and romantic shades, so we advise you to pay particular attention to pastel colors. A couple of basic things, like dress or a pencil skirt or circle skirt would be a great option for the office, a romantic date or an easy walk with friends. When combining dresses delicate pink hue with a floral print with brighter shoes and a clutch bag, will turn out fresh and vivid image for any occasion. And when combined with other flowers and things in another style (e.g., jackets) would be interesting and unique image for cooler days.

Базовый гардероб 2020: 15 стильных образов

A must-have in any basic wardrobe for summer is a pair of jeans. Without them, in our time, is no fashionista, but some take 2 or 3 pairs at a time: different cut, style, etc. details. Summer will be very popular you already know, ripped jeans and boyfriend jeans, just remember to bend them down it looks very stylish and cool, especially in combination with bright summer sandals wedges.

Базовый гардероб 2020: 15 стильных образов

This time of year, we can not do well without shorts. Be sure to get one pair in denim and one of any other material. The right model selection stylists leave us really prefer to have a large floral print and delicate pastel shades. And the best combination for them – easy and free t-shirts with bright prints (flowers, figures, inscriptions, etc.), patterns and different color combinations.

Outerwear in a basic wardrobe 2020 photo

In the winter basic wardrobe should have at least two types of warm clothing. This will allow you, first, the clothes need to wash and to dry, and, secondly, you can choose outerwear depending on the temperature outside and where it will go.

Базовый гардероб 2020: 15 стильных образов

For example, a business lady is better to stop on a variant of fur coat (fur coat) and a winter coat: both of these species winter clothes look elegant and go well with business dress code. The woman who works and brings up the child at the same time, probably suitable option of stylish winter coats and jacket or coat-jacket: in the first one, not ashamed to go to work, and the jacket is comfortable and nice to walk with your child on the street and go shopping.

A housewife can easily buy a winter jacket & coat, down jacket, because its the choice of winter clothing is mainly dependent on the air temperature outside. And be sure to consider that outerwear from basic wardrobe was different according to the degree of insulation, as the winter sometimes does not spare us severe frosts, and at times indulges pretty warm weather. You should neither freeze nor sweat.

Базовый гардероб 2020: 15 стильных образов

Basic shoes in women’s wardrobe 2020 photo novelties

Among all your shoes should be black court shoes. They are like the «little black dress» a must-have in your Shoe wardrobe. For them the ideal would be a classic narrow toe and heel height of 5-8cm. These shoes have to be expensive, then they will give a more expensive look and your skirts, and blouses, purchased from sales.

When approaching the autumn coolness, loafers are the most required shoes. You can buy loafers with tassels or penny loafers, high or low heels. Those who prefer classic clothing, loafers are a great pair. They can also, like shoes, to wear with jeans, shorts, with socks or with tights, they are combined with classic trousers and look good with mini dresses. In cool weather, loafers suit and coat. If your style is sporty or grunge style is loafers purchase boots. And loafers and boots – shoes for faster movement. In a Shoe comfortable and warm.

Boots are a great option, especially with pants. Black ankle boots and well-cut pants should create a continuous line of the leg, especially if you stand in the right colours – black ankle boots – black or dark blue pants; dark brown boots – chocolate brown pants; bright brown ankle boots – light brown or beige pants, etc.

Базовый гардероб 2020: 15 стильных образов

Sports shoes. It’s the shoes ‘ gym shoes better than silver, gold or bronze shade. Then your shoes-shoes are multipurpose sports shoes for the summer. However, a slip-on or slip-on espadrilles may replace slip-on sneakers. And of course in your Shoe closet, you need to leave room for thick sneakers.

Базовый гардероб 2020: 15 стильных образов

Basic decoration 2020 photo trends

The solid metal bracelet is a universal decoration that is suitable for any type of appearance. The main rule is to choose the form that is best suited to your wrist. This bracelet can be worn in casual, and business-like and formal manner, in combination with shirts, t-shirts, sweaters, dresses, it is suitable for a decoration and goes well with the neutral rings.

Men’s watch – either quite rude, or minimalistic accessory that looks great on the female wrist. They are universal in almost the same way as a solid metal bracelet, but in any case it is not necessary to wear them in the same way. Men’s watch is better to combine with slim trim bracelets, and together they can make a beautiful composition on your wrist.

Базовый гардероб 2020: 15 стильных образов

Large necklace (statement necklace) – quite bright and bulky, allowing you to vary casual. Looks good on closed dresses and tops, knits, enlivening them and making them less boring. Always an accent, so all the other decorations should be neutral. Can be made of different materials, natural or artificial, made of metal, stone, plastic, textiles. Large necklace is a great way to quickly change the image to look bright and original, not changing clothes.

A long chain with a pendant or small decorations, which falls below the chest. A chain, on the one hand, can be quite bright, on the other hand, it is very versatile. First, it is strointsy and pulling the vertical in the image, secondly, suitable for different cuts and structures of the neck, easily combined with other decorations (e.g., shorter chains) and adding image. A chain (or several chains) is better to combine with neutral small earrings. It can be in the image with the accent ring or a chunky bracelet. But with a big earrings to wear is not recommended.

Fashion scarf in a basic wardrobe 2020 photo novelties

Fashionable scarf in a basic wardrobe today – it’s almost like a blanket. It literally wrapped from head to waist. By the way, this is a great solution for all the girls in voluminous scarves, they seem to be more slender. If you do not want to wrap up, you can just hang the scarf around the neck and let the ends hang down almost to his knees. This option is also relevant.

Базовый гардероб 2020: 15 стильных образов

And now a few words about colors. Trend number one is a cage, large plaid and small black-and-white. And this is probably the only pattern that can be identified in this season. And if not a cell, then it is better something plain: gray, black, beige. You can also pay attention to chunky knit scarves – they are coming back into fashion.

Базовый гардероб 2020: 15 стильных образов

Scarves we need not only for their direct purpose is to warm up in cold weather, but also to perform important functions – decor. Therefore, it is absolutely not practical, but very stylish. Pay attention to trending now «country style», which is expressed in the weaving of braids, chunky knit, large rubber bands, thick filaments. Wear these scarves with a classic and a sporty warm jackets and down jackets.

Basic sweatshirts 2020 photo fashion trends

Kofta is a generic element of the basic wardrobe that blends perfectly with dresses, skirts, pants and jeans. Ladies can walk in the cool weather on the street and at the same time boast of outfits – modern, warm things that allow! The main thing to choose the appropriate option – then the image will look harmonious.

Базовый гардероб 2020: 15 стильных образов

Garish colors (e.g., purple-black or red-brown combination), soft high collar, a reference to the old, but not forgotten times. The current manner of dress as if descended from the pages of the magazines of the late 70s and early 80s.

Oversized knitted sweaters and sweaters in 2017 and early 2020 will be at the peak of popularity. Jerseys somewhat elongate, but otherwise no change. Baggy sweaters – loyal aides in the simulation figures. They are able to highlight the strengths and disguise any weaknesses. The only thing you want from women – the right proportioning.