Barn Wedding With The Most Spectacular Flowers

When the bride is a flower farmer, you had better believe the flowers for her own wedding day were going to be seriously spectacular. Everything about this gorgeous wedding was a labor of love – from a literal barn-raising to putting together those flowers with the help of fellow flower growers, as well as Stephanie’s dad. Let’s have a look at it!

The bride’s dad spent days in the woods with his tractor and trailer ‘pruning’ trees for the floral team to use, dogwoods, maples, elm, eleagnus, wild blueberry bushes, oaks. The bride used her own flowers for the wedding though she invited some stylists to arrange them. As for the wedding style, the bride was inspired by simple, authentic farm elegance, and she wanted everything local. The color palette was natural for the fall: deep yellows, burgundy, browns and ivory.

The couple focused on the space (barn, which was constructed especially for the wedding), food and flowers letting the other things go. The barn was dripping with flowers and foliage and looked amazing! The reception had mixed vintage plates, mixed water glasses and etched glasses with the farm’s logo (which guests could take home with them), terracotta urns of draped and piled with fresh vegetables (carrots, beets, okra, garlic, gourds) for decoration, though many guests loaded the shuttles home with bunches of beets and carrots in hand! All tables were also adorned with amazing floral arrangements filled with our farm’s and other local floral ingredients, natural yellow beeswax candles (tapers, votives), linen runners, water carafes, sparking water, silverware, and natural color flour sack napkins.

There was a family-style dinner, with no assigned seating, though there were 300+ guests. The food was high quality, local and sustainable farm to fork meal. The wedding cake was lemon with buttercream icing, which is the bride’s favorite taste.

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