Centerpieces can be tricky to get right. These mini balloon ornaments are just about perfect. The materials to make them are so simple and the end result is so playful and fun for a holiday dinner.


The balloons are from the Oh Happy Day Party Shop in both the 11″ and 6″ sizes. We used mirror board from a previous project but a grey cardstock would work fine too. Balloons can be made up to 2 days in advance but should be stored in a plastic garbage sack in a cool dark closet to keep them looking fresh. So cute! ps: We loved this GIANT ornament DIY with the 3 ft balloons. So fun.




Materials needed: 5″ mini balloons and 11″ balloons (in coral, wildberry, and wintergreen), balloon hand pump, masking tape, mirror board, scissors, ruler, pencil, hot glue gun

Step 1: Partially inflate a balloon, making sure to keep its round shape. Knot the balloon.
Step 2: Cut a small rectangle of mirror board and scallop one of the long-edges. This will be for your ornament cap. For the mini balloon, we used a piece 1/2″ by 3-1/2″. For the 11”, we used 1” by 6-1/2″.
Step 3: Curve the scalloped cardstock with your hands to create a faceted look. Roll the piece into a tube and hot glue in place.
Step 4: To add a top to the cap, glue the non-scalloped end to the white side of a piece of mirror board. Trim the end so that the edge is flush with the tube opening.
Step 5: Cut a narrow strip of mirror board and make a tiny loop for your cap. Glue the bottom of the loop to the top of the cap.
Step 6: Place the ornament cap over the knot of the balloon. Apply two dabs of hot glue on the rim of the cap and place over the balloon until cool.
Step 7: Position your balloon ornaments on your tablescape however you like using a loop of masking tape. There you have it, festive decor that’s perfect for a holiday feast!



Styling by Amy Moss & Naomi Julia Satake
Crafting by Naomi Julia Satake & Justine Pon