Here’s the perfect centerpiece for your Easter table! To make these pretty eggs, you only need 3 things:  balloons, washi tape, and scissors. Arrange them down the center of your table or hang them up at your Easter Egg Hunt.


You can make these 2 days in advance – as long as you store them in black garbage sack in a cool, dark place to keep them looking fresh.




Materials needed: 11” balloons (in pretty pastels), 5” mini balloons, balloon hand pump, washi tape, scissors

Step 1: Inflate 11” and 5” balloons until they are egg-shaped. Knot the balloons and trim off the tails.

Step 2: Cut pieces of washi tape with scissors to make fun easter-y patterns like confetti and chevrons. Or, wrap long pieces of washi tape around the center of a balloon to create stripes. Easy!



Crafting by Naomi Julia Satake & Justine Pon