Bailey on LAUGHING GAS... AGAIN! | Behind the Braids Ep.57

If you loved Bailey in our Wisdom Teeth video from a few years ago, get ready for this sequel! Bailey had her first ever cavity in November, which ended up needing a root canal! Once the dentist put on the laughing gas… she dropped right back into Loony Bailey!

Check out the amazing “Zippered Bedding” sets featured in this video! We loved the Beddy’s company and product so much, that we became shareholders! Tell us which bedding at you love most!

Aside from Bailey going to have her root canal, The twins and I went to have our hair cut and colored, as well as our eyebrows done, and Bailey decided to do eyebrow microblading/tinting with me! THEY LOOK SO GOOD!

Plus, catch Daxton’s advice for young kids about what it takes to reach your dream job!

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