Backlit mirrors have already replaced a lot of traditional mirrors, especially in modern and contemporary bathrooms. They’re very appreciated for their special features, especially all the advantages that clearly appeal to a lot of people. But what exactly makes these mirrors so special? Well a lot of things so let’s focus a bit on that.

One of the biggest advantages when using bathroom mirrors with light strips that are built in is the fact that there are no unflattering shadows. There’s no need to worry about the placement of the wall sconces or pendant lamps. The backlit mirror with light up everything in a pleasant and uniform manner. You immediately notice an improvement when switching from a regular mirror.

The light around the mirror doesn’t have to be white. If you want something special, pick a different color
In some cases the light that frames the mirror is rather ambiental
Although the frame is not necessary, it can make a mirror look more elegant

Another detail that might just convince you to get rid of your old mirror and to get a backlit one is the fact that the light it offers is very similar to natural light and superior to other types. The clear and pure light is flattering and easy on the eyes, looking very natural in the room. Also, the LED strips last longer than any light bulb so you don’t need to worry about having to replace them any time soon. In fact, it’s more likely to get a new mirror by the time you may have to deal with this detail.

If the light around the mirror is subtle, some extra sconce or hanging lights would complete the space nicely

LED lights are very energy-efficient and also more environmentally-friendly so in case this was a concern, you can add this fact to the list of advantages. Then there’s also the issue of the glass itself. It seems that the glass used for making backlit mirror is of a higher quality than the ordinary kind. There’s definitely a difference between a traditional mirror and a more modern, backlit kind.

Bright lights, on the other hand, are excellent when applying makeup
Turn a backlit mirror into a focal point for the bathroom and keep the decor simple
Backlit mirrors come in lots of interesting and unusual shapes and styles

In terms of style, there are a few things worth mentioning here. A backlit mirror will inevitably become a focal point for the space it’s placed in, usually the bathroom. In a way, that means it doesn’t have to feature an ornate frame, an interesting shape or any other detail because the light will frame it perfectly, allowing it to stand out in a glamorous way.

The frame becomes unnecessary since it’s the light that frames the mirror
You can also use backlit bathroom mirrors to make this space feel more inviting and to look chic
The faint light around the mirror creates a very pleasant and relaxing ambiance

Since you won’t need freestanding light fixtures anywhere near a backlit mirror, that means there’s more space here for other things. You can take advantage of this if you have a small place and squeeze in some extra storage. Some mirror can be attached to cabinets, much like the ordinary kind. Of course, if you absolutely must, you can complement a backlit mirror with wall sconces or hanging pendant lamps and they can serve separate functions.

The light on these mirrors is very crisp and clear, very similar to natural light
The light around the mirror is uniform and it creates no shadows which is a great advantage
Any extra light is welcome when you have a small bathroom or small windows
The light around the mirror is ambiental while the hanging pendants are brighter and more eye-catching
Since there’s no need for separate light fixtures around the mirror, this clears up the space

There’s one more advantage to take into consideration when choosing the type of mirror for your bathroom. The kind with built-in LED lights on its back sometimes come with extra features such as motion or proximity sensors or the anti-fog feature. These details really matter in some cases so don’t overlook them.

The diffuse light is very pleasant and gentle but also eye-catching
Of course, the LED light is just a part of the mirror’s charm and interesting look

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