baby mummy costume

We’ve got a super easy baby costume for you today: a classic baby mummy! The secret to this is that it’s a great use for that old swaddle blanket you don’t use anymore (and is a bit too stained to give away to your pregnant sister in law). Here’s how to make it…

baby mummy costume

To collect:  To start we used a white onesie and white pants from Primary Co. Besides that, all you need is a old muslin blanket (white preferably), and a pair of scissors.

To make: Cut the blanket in strips, but leave the strips all attached on one end of the blanket. That way, you won’t have to tie too many ends together. Start wrapping the baby when they’re dressed in their white onesie and pants. The messier the better! For the hat, just wrap a couple pieces together and tie on top.

baby mummy costume

Time to trick or treat! Who wouldn’t want to give this cute mummy baby a chocolate kiss??

Thanks again to my nephew Edin for modeling our baby Halloween costumes this year. More Halloween ideas right here

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