Baan Bubble with a magnificent sunset & lake view, designed by Nat Telichenko in the spirit of retro-futurism; landscape with very special thematic terraces – a Chinese Garden with a Dragon Tail, a Japanese Rock Garden with Torii Gate 尉と姥, a Birch Grove with Cobalt-blue Puzzle and Mediterranean Line, where the Red Vine Infinity Pool is Located. There’s a Bubble Boat attached to the house, snow-white ship with a deck terrace and romantic views of the pool and lake. Inside the ship there is a lounge zone for a beautiful, relaxing guest reception. Photography by Ivan Avdeenko.


It is impressive that there is not a single straight wall in the building – all walls are curved and have a slope. The maximum ceiling height is 5,5 m. The usable space is 100 m2.

There are several zones in the house, from there you can hear bright acoustics, and feel the movement of the sound. Due to its shape and special technologies, the house retains heat in winter and cool in summer. The Baan Bubble has a lot of light and fantastic sense of space.

Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine
Implemented: in Spring 2020.
Structure: dome house
Facade cladding: shotcrete, Mariseal, melted glass with titanium
Bldg. Area: ㎡ 100
Max. Height: m 5,5
Architects/Designer: archetecture, interior design, landscape design: Nat Telichenko
Photo credit: Ivan Avdeenko

Project Team:
Engineering: Holstroy Company, GoodHouse Company
Collaborators: facade design- Fomichov Brothers (+Object Company)


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