AZORES: Terra Nostra Park, Furnas - São Miguel Island

Parque Terra Nostra is a botanical garden located in the village of Furnas, on the Island of São Miguel in the Portuguese Azores.

You can find flora typical of the Azores, as well as numerous plants native to countries with climates that are completely different to that of Furnas. This adaptation has been made possible, in part, by the shared experience of Terra Nostra’s gardeners, who have been successful in adapting various plants, species and varieties to the existing conditions of the garden.

There is a thermal pool with volcanic, natural iron water of brown color. A thermal spring supplies the pool, at a temperature of between 35 and 40 degrees Celsius.

There are also two natural jacuzzis with thermal water

The development of the botanical garden & thermal pool started in 1780, after the then Consul of the United States, Thomas Hickling (1745-1834), ordered to build his summer residence here.

Vasco Elias Bensaude (1898-1967) bought, restored and expanded the park from 1937.

July 14, 2018