When it comes to Christmas shopping, it’s not always easy. Even for family members that you know very well, finding the perfect gift in a store can be a challenge. That’s why we prefer to make our own! The options for customization when you’re the one creating the present from scratch are far greater than if you’re just working with that’s already available. In our opinion, our of all the members of the family, we find dads the hardest people to shop for. That’s where our DIY skills swoop in to save the day!

Check out these 15 awesome ideas for DIY and handmade Christmas gifts that are totally perfect for dads of all ages and personalities!

1. Shrinky Dink tie tacks

Shrinky Dink tie tacks Awesome DIY Christmas Gifts that are Perfect for Dads!

Are you looking for something adorable that you can help your kids make for their dad this Christmas to remind him of them while he’s away at work all day? Perhaps it’s actually you that wants to make a cute little reminder for your own dad for nostalgic reasons, like you would have when you were little? Then it’s time to have some fun with Shrinky Dinks! Oh Happy Day shows you how to make hilarious little tie tacks out of them that you can even shape like your kids or yourselves. Talk about a fashion statement fit for a dad. He’ll be excited to wear his new adornment once the holidays are over!

2. DIY Swiss army style keys

DIY Swiss army style keys Awesome DIY Christmas Gifts that are Perfect for Dads!

If this isn’t one of the coolest DIY dad gifts you’ve ever seen, then we’re hanging up our crafting hats! We couldn’t possibly think of a more “handy dad” style way to store your keys than this awesome Swiss army knife style carrier on Instructables. It looks much tougher and cooler than a key ring and it keeps all of Dad’s most important keys organized at the same time. The only tricky part will be figuring out how to get his keys copied without him noticing so that the gift will still be a surprise!

3. Bacon jam

Bacon jam

In our family, Dad was always the “breakfast guy”. Mom might have done most of the cooking and always made us the best dinners, but when it came to breakfast, no one cooked perfect crispy bacon like the bacon connoisseur himself! Help him embrace his love for bacon but also add a little bit of novelty to it by making him a nice, big jar of this amazingly delicious bacon jam (yes, you read that right) by Pretty Organized!

4. Laptop riser

Laptop riser

Is your dad the kind of busy bread winner who often has to bring work home with him? Make that a little more easy and comfortable for him from now on by making him his very own laptop riser! It’s like a tiny little lap desk that he can set his computer on while he works so that he doesn’t get too hot (and neither does his computer) if he sits it on his knees. It’s also the perfect way to let him relax in bed while he finishes up his reports for the night before turning out the lights! Find out how to make one for your dad on Manmade DIY.

5. Tie boxes

Tie boxes

Does your dad have a very favourite snack that he just loves to eat at his desk while he works? Well, replenishing his stock of that yummy food is a great way to make him happy on Christmas morning, but Eighteen25 suggests taking things even a little bit farther than that using your DIY skills! Instead of just handing him a pack of Chex Mix, for example, try emptying the mix into plastic containers decorated like a business suit, with funny crafted ties that match his own.

6. Pocket tie

Pocket tie

Is your dad a busy man, especially when he’s in the office, and you know he’s really on the go a lot? Then he could probably use an extra pocket or two, since not everyone has the hands when they’re busy to carry a bag or briefcase! Give him some extra space (or save him from having to stuff so many things into his pants pockets that he can’t sit down) by making him his very own pocket tie f0r Christmas. Brit + Co. shows you how essentially any neck tie at all can be transformed by attaching a little secret pocket onto the back or underside of the tie. It’s a great place to put phones that are just a little too big for a regular pants pocket.

7. Black and tan beer soap

Black and tan beer soap

Maybe you know your dad’s got slightly sensitive skin, but he’s been avoiding using all natural or DIY soaps because so many of the recipes are girly looking and smell very feminine? Even the most open minded of men don’t necessarily feel like walking around the office smelling like pretty flowers all day. Try this more manly DIY soap recipe from Soap Queen instead! It’s got a strong, neutral colour and a smell that hearkens to his favourite brews (without smelling like that old, post-party stale beer smell). It’s also made from all natural ingredients that will be gentle on his skin! He’ll be asking you to make him more for Father’s Day.

8. Bicycle frame lunch bag

Bicycle frame lunch bag

Is your dad an avid cyclist, or maybe even just an active guy who likes to bike to work any day that the weather will let him? Then help him minimize the things he needs to carry by making him this bicycle lunch bag! It’s small enough to strap onto the frame of the bike, leaving his hands free for steering, but still big enough to hold a hearty lunch that will get him through the day. Check the full tutorial out on Evil Mad Scientist.

9. Roll up tool organizer

Roll up tool organizer

Christmas is definitely the time to get the people you love gifts that they need but won’t necessarily buy for themselves. Your dad, for example, will probably buy himself a good set of tools, but if he’s anything like ours, he’ll probably also leave them sitting around the work surface and all over the garage rather than buying himself some fancy carrying case that he doesn’t think is very necessary. That’s where you come in! Craftsylish guides you through the process of making a roll up tool case, almost like a brush set or illustrator’s case, but sized for different types of wrenches and screw drivers!

10. Bottled cocktails

Bottled cocktails

Do you know well that your dad enjoys treating himself to the occasional fancy drink, but you also know that, when it comes down to prep time at home, he’s also much more of a “pop the bottle cap off” kind of guy than anything else? Then do the work for him! Brit + Co. shows you how to prepare, bottle, and properly seal different types of beverages for your dad to give him at least a few alternatives to his regular, everyday beer this holiday season while he celebrates.

11. Tripod bulb lamp

Tripod bulb lamp

Is your dad the kind of guy who will go down into the basement or out into the garage and tinker with his model planes or woodworking projects until well into the night? Then he’ll need some sufficient, DIY worthy light so that he doesn’t strain his eyes! This tripod lamp is the perfect way to help him out and it’ll probably suit his tinkering space with its minimalist design.

12. Whiskey, caramel, and marshmallow bacon bark

Whiskey, caramel, and marshmallow bacon bark

Maybe your dad’s absolute favourite part of the holidays is all the treats he gets to enjoy that he tries not to touch the rest of the year? Then help him take full advantage of his cheat week by making him the most delicious combinations of all his favourite things! This whiskey, caramel, and marshmallow bacon bark is the perfect (and possibly the most decadent) combination of classically manly flavours with gooey, delicious sweetness and a bit of crunch. Any dad with a sweet tooth will be pleased to get a bag of this stuff under the tree!

13. Comic book coasters

Comic book coasters

Are comic books your dad’s big guilty pleasure leftover from a childhood full of super heroes and villains on brightly coloured pages? Then we suggest following in Mod Podge Rocks’ footsteps and helping him feel like a kid again this Christmas morning! They guide you through the process of finding old comic books and cutting sections of the page to transform them into fun, kitschy coasters that your dad can set his beer on at the end of a long day.

14. Guinness stout brownie pretzel bars

Guinness stout brownie pretzel bars

Does your dad love the rich flavour of dark, quality beer so much that he would put it into the recipe of every food he eats if he could? Then help him do just that this season, at least for the holidays when calories don’t count! Instead of something material that he doesn’t need or might not use, make him a batch of these deliciously unique beer based brownie bars topped with the perfect amount of salty pretzels for taste contrast!

15. Concrete pendant lamp

Concrete pendant lamp

Do you like the idea of making your dad a lamp for his work area but you think he’d prefer one that’s a little more industrial looking and can hang up higher than the tripod style we talked about earlier? Then check out this concrete pendant lamp design by Brit + Co! It’s made from plastic water bottles, which are used as a base, so it’s the perfect way to upcycle and make someone you love a cool Christmas gift at the same time. Your dad will be impressed with how hands on it is!

Have you made your dad other awesome DIY Christmas gifts that you don’t see on our list, but that you’re really proud of because he loved them? Tell us all about your work in the comments section!

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