When it comes to the way our bodies are shaped, most of us women have something negative to say. Rarely do we come across women who are absolutely happy with their bodies. Some of us hate the fact that we are too well endowed in the bosom area while others bemoan the fact that they are not that generously curved. This is just one aspect of a woman’s looks that we are often cribbing about. In this article, we are mentioning this particular aspect because we are going to be talking about open back dresses. Huh say what? What do open back dresses have to do with being well endowed in the bosom area are not? Well, the fact is that women with a good bust line can play up their cleavage and women with smaller busts can go for open back dresses and sizzle up any occasion. Remember, we had mentioned honeymoon must have low back dresses? Well, it is time to replay that but in a more sensible and sensuous way.





The elegant v-back dress to try would be a good way to actually create back cleavage – and yes, there is something like that. Backs are a very feminine and attractive way to make you look sizzling but only if you are willing to spend some time in keeping your back trim and well groomed. Once you are prepared to invest that time and effort, then you should look at sensual backless dresses for all those occasions when you want to create an awesome impact.





The open back dress is a great feature to have in a dress but it does present a few technical difficulties. Like for instance, what do you do for support? Or what kind of undergarments can you wear with it? How open can the back be? How open is too open?





For the first part of the doubts you may have, we can say that we are talking about open back dresses here, which means that there are some kind of straps or laces there to ensure that you do not have wardrobe malfunction. It is all well to show a bit of your gorgeous self willingly but have your dress fall down and showing too much flesh is not something that you want happening to you.





To answer the second question, we are going with the assumption that you do not have too heavy a bosom, which means there are some simple bra options you have. You can have your tailor sew on just the cups of the bra to the bodice of the dress. Or if you want you can wear a bra with adjustable straps.





Another important factor to consider is that you cannot wear an open back dress that is ill fitting. Anything too loose would ensure that you do have a wardrobe malfunction so that needs to be avoided. And something that is too tight would mean that you look a bit tawdry. So you have to ensure that it fits just right.



The good point to be remembered here is that there are many style options when it comes to open back dresses. There are many patterns and designs that you can choose from to create an awesome open back dress look and the impact that goes with it.



However, when you wear an open back dress, then do ensure that you do let the focus be only on this aspect of the dress and keep the rest of your ensemble a bit low key. Otherwise there is a good chance that people may not even notice your charming open back dress or you end up looking less than classy.

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