Autumn lily, a decorative flower with large, conquering leaves to beautify your garden

A plant with majestic leaves, the autumn lily conquers any yard and dominates the small spaces, transforming them into elegant and special places. Autumn lilies are decorative plants, especially with their large, glossy, green, blue or panacea leaves, placed in the bush at ground level. Their origin is from China and Japan.

This flower has large, oval, blue-green leaves. The flowers, typical of the lily, of light purple color are placed in terminal racemes. This flower makes its beauty known through July or August.

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The ecological requirements of the autumn lily

In terms of the ecological requirements that this flower has, the autumn lily is known as a semi-shade plant and even a shade. However, the autumn lily also tolerates slightly sunnier places, but it would be preferable for these places to be humid. The panasate forms require a place with more light and not too humid. It feels good in a loose soil rich in humus.

The flower multiplies very easily by dividing the bush. For this purpose, in the spring before the start of the vegetation, the mother plant is removed from the soil, ie plants that will be subjected to multiplication. The mother plant is removed from the ground with the help of the spade and split, following that the obtained fragments are planted at the same depth where desired.

Normally, the division of the plant is applied at 5-6 years. Propagation by dividing the bush can be done in October. Planting distances are 30-40 cm.
The care of the plants consists in the fertilization with manure every spring or autumn, together with the unclogging, avoiding the proximity of the spade too close to the plant.

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Watering the autumn lily

Watering is done with moderate amounts of water. The substrate must be kept dry, without giving it the opportunity to dry. This trick helps the plant to grow beautiful and healthy.

Also, keep in mind that watering in hot and dry periods during the summer is very important for the plant to grow beautiful and healthy.
In winter, the autumn lily should be mulched in areas where temperatures are very low.







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