Autumn in the Balcony: Decorate with Style

Autumn is here  and summer may be the past but that doesn’t mean we will be missing out on the balmy days right now
God willing and the weather permitting the balcony can be a meeting point for a few more days, chatting, reading and why not our morning coffee shortly before we leave for work.
We’ve put together some suggestions for you to see what you can do to give your terrace an autumnal decoration.

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Lay a carpet. A small mat will warm your balcony at least visually, while giving enough to the overall autumnal look you want to give. Choose everyday woven, mainly grandmother carpets (woven rugs that are mainly made on looms with patterns, stripes and different patterns) in earthy shades that will ideally match the surrounding environment. Avoid bold colors while something more traditional is definitely fashionable and fits best in the season.

Autumn Plants on the Balcony. Due to our geographical location as a country, the terrace can be transformed into a blooming oasis with flowers, greenery and why not herbs and vegetables. Autumn is also an ideal time to plant bulbs such as tulips, narcissus, hyacinths, hyacinths mulleys, anemones which we will gradually enjoy growing and blooming until spring. If we are impatient and want beauty here and now, autumn is the best season for pansies, chrysanthemums and cyclamen. With proper care we will see them grow and, among other things, offer a vibrant ornamental note.

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Autumn ornaments. The season we go through is perfectly intertwined with the dry autumn leaves that play a major role in the decoration. Pomegranates, fruits, acorns, chestnuts, walnuts, pine nuts, asparagus and twigs, and anything else that inspires and reminds you … autumn can be used to achieve the ultimate autumnal atmosphere. All it takes is imagination and little money. Compositions of cinnamon and dry leaves that hide summer green and autumn coffee while wreaths of similar materials can adorn your terrace table. You can also put some of the above autumn elements into simple vases where you place the flowers, creating beautiful arrangements for your terrace.

Make an Autumn Corner. It may not be quite common, however what would you say if you created an autumn corner on your balcony in order to give it more beauty? The element abundant in the autumn season is pumpkins, yes, those for pies! Size large and perfect for the balcony. Buy 3 or 5 in different sizes depending on the space of your balcony and place them accordingly. The corner may be topped with watering boots, a large basket, a straw hat and why not a composition of dried herbs. The photo may be the ideal version but you can customize it to your own data.