If there’s one thing I strongly believe in – its taking time to create for creating sake. Our lives can be dictated by apps and technology but stepping away, looking up and using our hands is so good for the soul. I find that technology makes everything so neat, during all my fashion training (I did a BTec and then degree) the unexpected tangle of magazine tears and fabric swatches generated the most original ideas. That’s why a messy afternoon of flower crown making with my sister was just the tonic I needed from the mundane reality of my day to day. 
The clocks had just changed so we went for cosy autumn vibes, lighting candles (not near the foliage!) adding fairy lights and filling a big bucket with eucalyptus, foraged foliage and supermarket blooms. I’ve made flower crowns before  – you can find tutorials here and here. This time I made them slightly differently, I wrapped 2mm florist wire with green florist tape and created small bunches of flowers and leaves (about three stems per bunch) and then wrapped them onto the wire with more florist tape. I found it was better to add small bunches and then fill in the gaps after. To get the right amount length of wire – wrap it around your head so its tight but not perfectly tight (the tape and flowers will add some bulk) then add about 15cm to the length. Wrap the wire around your head again and bend the wire at right angles at your ears, you only need to add flowers between the ears. 
Once you get started it’s really meditative and hard to stop thinking of other ideas. If you’re short of time, doing anything floral is the best way to be creative as the flowers do most of the work for you! 

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