Autumn Flatlay

A moodboard to reflect the change of seasons today. Whilst these pumpkins have already been used for halloween fun, the colours and tones are still keeping me inspired.  I’m naturally drawn to light bright colours but this time of year has me seeking darker, richer shades. I always like to set myself a project during the winter months and this year I really want to experiment with my camera’s a lot more. I’m really curious about light and what it can do, I have some basic knowledge but its only by playing that I can really understand it. Flatlay’s are perfect when time is short or when little hands are close by. I put this together in about 20 minutes using the autumn light to bounce off the pumpkins. As the light was quite harsh and yellow I edited these in photoshp to give an almost painterly effect which I’m really enjoying. 
I used to dread going into winter as I was always looking for an even light to shoot tutorials but as I’m not able to post as frequently as I once did, it’s time to use the change for gathering new skills and giving myself permission to try a few new ideas. 
Do you change your projects in Summer and Winter, I’d love to hear if you do.