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How long after getting a tattoo can you swim in chlorine?

Swimming after getting a tattoo is not the best idea. Your new tattoo is an open wound that needs to heal effectively before you can submerge it in water for long periods.  The following article will explain why chlorine is bad for your new tattoo and outline why waiting four weeks is a safe time to wait before you go back in the water.  Swimming […]

Tattoo Bandages – How to Use Them Correctly

Tattoo bandages are a simple part of the tattoo healing process that can be confusing for inexperienced ink enthusiasts, or those looking to use a new tattoo aftercare method.  The following article will address the use of tattoo bandages and their application while discussing some of the different wraps used to protect your new ink.  The article […]

The 9 Best Ways to Help Your Tattoo Heal Faster

Many people ask: “how can I get my tattoo to heal faster?” In short, you can’t do it safely, but you can keep the healing process to the shortest acceptable time by making smart decisions. The initial healing phase of a new tattoo can last anywhere from three to four weeks. Tattoos aren’t considered fully […]

Process of Taking Canadian Visa in 2020

Whatever our nationality, the passports of our country allow us to enter various other countries without applying for a visa. However, for most countries, you need a visa, and the reasons are many. There were probably a lot of illegal stays in the country after free entry and other unauthorized actions, so a certain state […]

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