Choosing a bedroom color scheme will give a great impact on its look and feel. The color can show our preferred style for a bedroom. Black is the darkest color and associated with power, formality, and elegance. It also can be combined with any colors, the natural to pop color. If you want to make a black bedroom, the basic step is to paint your wall with black color, then you can add black or dark color for the furniture and decoration in there. Here are some black bedroom ideas that will inspire you in making a great bedroom.

A Minimalist Bedroom with A Large Grey Rug

This bedroom has minimalist furniture. It has a simple bed, cream headboard, and wooden built-in nightstands with unique table lamps. The color of the rug is the same as the color of the bed cover.

A Comfortable Seating for A Bedroom

You may really hope to have a very comfortable bedroom like this one. Besides a bed, it also has a cushioned tufted bench, a brown ottoman, and an armchair in the corner. It will be a bedroom that offers a comfortable seating area.

White Accent

This Black Bedroom has white accent for the nightstands, bed cover, and a fluffy rug. For a minimalist decoration, you can get a picture ledge as a special wall shelf keeping pictures above the headboard.

Glass Doors And Windows for A Black Bedroom

The glass doors with black frame lessen the darkness in this bedroom. These doors make a direct access to the balcony. There are white framed glass windows above them.

An Elegant Bedroom

This bedroom shows crown moulding, door trim, and black furniture. This combination has made an elegant bedroom. This exotic black headboard really fits nicely into the moulding pattern on the black walls.

Sweet Color Pillows

This bedroom features a sturdy wooden bed, black wall, black built-in closet, black wall sconces, small side tables, and beige curtains. To give sweetness in a black bedroom, you can put some blue and pink pillows.

Narrow Bedroom Solution

This narrow bedroom looks spacious by using natural color scheme and big window attendance near the bed. You will absolutely enjoy staying on this bed.

Patterned Flooring for A Simple Bedroom

Dark wood floor with herringbone pattern can be a wise choice to enhance your simple black bedroom. It has a unique pattern and color scheme. The black table lamps can be put on the simple wood logs.

The Dark Vibe in A Bedroom

This bedroom has a beautiful black paint called Black Magic from Sherwin Williams. You can also apply it to your bathroom or study room. To accompany this glamorous bed, you can set two black armchairs with unique mirrored arms.

Black Bedroom with Art

The art display in this black bedroom uses the built-in shelves with recessed lighting. The black wall behind the black bedding is also used as a gallery. It gives us a nice layout and personalization of stuff. The white accent also contributes to the gallery wall.

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