Known for crafting furniture with unpretentious beauty and practicality, ATRA recently made a second home for itself in San Francisco, opening ATRA’s Gallery in August 2018. A microcosm of the studio’s aesthetic philosophy, this gallery space showcases signature collection pieces as well as exclusive artistic creations by rising and renowned talent from Mexico and beyond.

“I don’t want to dictate what people think about every detail of every piece,” says ATRA Founder and creative director Alexander Díaz Andersson. “I’d rather everyone establish their own dialogue with the collection. Really, I just want to make something beautiful that you’ll fall in love with, that will change the space you live in, and that you’ll keep for a very long time.”

See some of our favorite pieces from the collection below, and see more of ATRA’s creations here.

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Air SofaInspired by aeordynamics, the Air Sofa almost feels as if it could float away. However, it’s a piece that’s made to live in, with a cushioned seat inviting users to lounge and arms perfect for perching.

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Atra Armchair, Walnut and Mahogany with LeatherDistinctly Midcentury in style, the Atra Armchair is a striking piece that can stand alone or work well with other furnishings. It’s handcrafted with traditional joinery techniques and meticulously tailored at the finish.

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Flow Blackened Steel and Leather ArmchairThe Flow’s strong yet delicate blackened steel frame is accented by brass feet and leather cushioning that envelop it, creating a soft and comfortable seat with an elegant silhouette.

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Ala Mahogany BenchInspired by 1950’s Mexican furniture and constructed using traditional joinery techniques in solid hardwood, Ala is a beautiful and stylish piece. With the option of adding cushions, it’s intended for both indoor and outdoor use.

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The Korsu Walnut and Velvet Dining ChairMade in walnut with classic Danish and Japanese joinery techniques, Korsu has a high back and smooth lines that make it a comfortable and elegant addition to a dining room.

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Kactis Marble, Glass and Steel Coffee Table SetThe Kactis Coffee Table Set comes with two angular tables, each with a marble or glass top and a steel base. Together, these pieces expertly straddle the line between art and functionality.

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Oberon Velvet Sofa Sectional: The Oberon is a contemporary sectional made of an expanse of blue velvet with a yellow velvet base detailing, making the sofa appear to float just off of the floor.

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Droid Mahogany and Oak Night Table: A whimsical Midcentury-style piece, the Droid Night Table has a pullout drawer and beveled lip that adds just the right amount of modernity to contemporary interiors.

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Roos Walnut Desk: Made of walnut mahogany and steel, the Roos has a classic triangular suspension configuration, with an elegantly curved lacquer top that delivers a smooth and chic finish.

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The Omega Table: The Omega Table gets its name from by the infinite loop that can be seen in its eye-catching base. Handcrafted with a solid walnut top and elegantly tapered with beveled edges, it perches delicately on a solid brass and steel base.


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