Atelier Swarovski recently expanded its array of products to also cover luxury houseware items like vases, trays, candle holders or bookends. Their 30-piece debut series was presented in Milan in 2016. The collection included exquisite and exclusive designs by famous names such as Daniel Libeskind, Ron Arad, Raw Edges, Tord Boontje and even the late Zaha Hadid. Atelier Swarovski Home showcases the signature crystals in a whole new environment and brings dazzling beauty into the home environment. These are a few of the highlights.

Tord Bontje contributes to the series with a set of luxury candle accessories. The Luxe Orbit lanterns combine Swarovski crystal and resin into a design that’s simple, classic and modern. The lanterns have a sleek resin base and a clear glass form sprinkled with crystals in various forms and color nuances, giving them texture and personality. The crystals look a bit like snow, giving the lanterns a magical touch.

Another eye-catching series is Glaciarium designed by Fredrikson Stallard. It includes sculptural vases, candle holders, bowls and night lights, all made of exquisite Swarovski crystal. Each piece expresses luxury in a unique way. The centerpiece of the collection is a piece that highlights the crystal’s elemental and brilliant nature while staying transparent and simple. All the items in this series have expressive shapes that give them a sophisticated and extravagant allure without becoming opulent.

The new home collection also included a piece designed by the late Zaha Hadid, called Crista. It’s a mesmerizing vase designed in her signature architectural style. The design puts together Swarovski crystal and cast metal using the new wave cut technology that was presented together with the collection. The design is both simple and bold, resulting in an elegant and dramatic silhouette, a stunning centerpiece.

This is the Crystal Vase series designed by Aldo Bakker. The set includes vases available in three sizes which feature circular bases that act as shallow ponds and continue to form three interconnecting elements made of faceted stone or crystal. The designs are simple but abstract and eye-catching. Each vase is designed to hold a single stem.

The new Swarovski collection also included a set of luxury candle holders with designs inspired by traditional forms. They form the Plinth series by Kim Thomé. The candle holders have a stainless steel base and a halo made of colored Swarovski crystal. Their shapes are simple and graphical and also very expressive and stylish, with the potential to stay timeless.

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