At home with: Kylie Dunn of Bestow & Co.


This particular house tour has been a long time coming. I first met Kylie at a boutique op shop 3 years ago when she was styling up the space and curating all of the gorgeous donations. I had a newborn in tow and was a nervous new mother, worried that Remy might get hungry while I was thrifting…and of course, he did – I will never forget the gentle and warm spirit of Kylie offering for me to sit down and feed in the shop. Set in an old church with pink barn doors, the interior was a perfectly cozy, vintage kitsch sanctuary…I had a sneaking suspicion that the warm vibe and a lot of those special touches were direct from Kylie herself.  Her beautiful instagram feed also hinted that her eye and cool style extended to all facets of her life and I definitely wanted to see her home.

Early last year she branched out with friend and fellow style queen Lara Esden to start Bestow and Co. – a community platform where you can donate and buy beautiful, preloved goods and all profits go to grassroots organisations supporting women and children.  Currently, Bestow & Co. is online on Instagram (follow, immediately), but the pair have plans to have a shopfront in the future where they will be able to engage face-to-face with their customers (cue immediate girl crush upon meeting them both). It is a labour of love passion project that these incredible women put many hours into – collecting, sorting, ironing, mending, volunteering, photography (Lara), modelling (Kylie), posting, managing sales & deliveries – it’s a lot of hard, but rewarding work. Not to mention the clothes are always fabulous, unique, covetable items that you have to be quick to snap up!

So, when I finally got to see Kylie’s place…jaws dropped, it was even beyond expectations. 


Kylie shares this beachside, sunny spot in leafy North Bondi (Sydney, Australia) with her husband Matt and their two sons Harlow and Ace.


Every inch of the space is lovingly curated with vintage, found and handmade objects.


Even the planters have personality!


KD: Home for me, it comes back to a feeling – we feel safe, warm & loved.  There are stories and memories all around us – in every nook, on every wall, everywhere.


Even the laundry room is oozing charm.  That framed flower print was found on the side of the road!


KD: Home is a gathering place for our family where we can be cozy and just be.


OF COURSE they listen to vinyl.


There were warm, nostalgic touches everywhere like this old photo propped up in a seashell.


The boys’ room even incorporates that vintage, worldly beach vibe.


These two are serious style contenders as well; I’m hoping my kids will be as cool as them when they grow up.


Matt painted the bathroom pink for her – husband of the year!


Kylie had a gorgeous beaded wall hanging made into two cushions for the master bed.  Also note the powder blue with black velvet bow shoes :::swoon:::


Her wardrobe is…I don’t even have the words.  She is 100% my current style icon. Every time I see her in real life (or online) she is so laissez-faire cool, always with a playful edge. A couple of memorable outfits have been a black sparkly turtleneck, vintage jeans and big fabulous earrings, bike shorts paired with a cropped Stranger Things t-shirt (!) and of course, the slouchy short boiler suit from this post.


Stay tuned for Lara’s abode next week!

Photography: Jacqui Turk  Production & Styling (*hardly): Nicole Valentine Don

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