If you do not know anything about Christie Brinkley and just look at her pictures, then guess how much is actually the woman years, would be impossible.

A radiant blonde with a gorgeous figure and a dazzling white smile has long been settled in the category «without age.» Meanwhile, this year she turned 64.

Как в 64 выглядеть на 40: секреты Кристи Бринкли

Behind Brinkley — decade modeling career. And what is surprising: beauty continue to keep up the speed and remains extremely popular in his profession.

A typical morning

In an interview with The Cut, she told me that each day starts with a Cup of hot water with lemon. After the model is drinking a great Cup of coffee with coconut or almond milk. Most of all she likes cappuccino: blonde even learned how to make drawings on the skin and regularly publishes their creations in Instagram under the hashtag #christiecappucino.

The day Christy can drink up to five cups. Endless debates about the harmfulness of this drink, she just ignores. In the morning she prefers to eat foods that contain large amount of protein. Your Breakfast she is not without probiotics: prevent them with dry oatmeal, add fruit and nuts.


Of course to have a body Brinkley has a lot to sweat in the gym. It does on normal machines, but sometimes you can work with free weights. Christy also like spinning. «Actually, I’d say my favorite workout is running, but, alas, due to injuries I had to let go of cardio,» admits the blonde. But a fitness club is not the only place where Brinkley is doing all sorts of exercises. For example, can easily perform a series of squats while drying hair.

The basis of the diet

When it comes to dinner, a celebrity preparing salads with plenty of greenery that can add beans or nuts to maintain normal protein. As for dinner, here little has changed, except that you can add a side dish: rice, quinoa, or vegetable pasta. As you can see, the meat in the diet of our heroine missing: 13 years, she adheres to vegetarianism. But in a strict framework itself does not drive and sometimes can afford fish or cheese. «Life is too short! And if I’m offered a delicious piece of juicy pizza with mozzarella, then I say… why not?»

Beauty routine

Live and learn: this particular phrase is the relationship with Christie beauty industry. For example, childhood model was sure that constant exposure to the sun, there is nothing wrong. Moreover, blonde, always famous for its Golden skin tone, willingly gave advice on how to get the same tan. But after thoroughly studying this subject, she realized her mistake and kept apologizing to the fans, telling that the sun triggers premature aging of the skin.
Ceasing to sunbathe as often as before, and thinking about maintaining youth of their skin, Brinkley came to the conclusion that it is no more effective procedure than ultrasound therapy. This procedure helps to tighten facial contours, Christy became a real discovery, and now the star has resorted to it so regularly as is appropriate. «I’m not doing any injection: the contour of the face, neck and decollete are in excellent condition thanks to ultrasound energy,» shares the celebrity.

Как в 64 выглядеть на 40: секреты Кристи Бринкли

Also she admits that she often resorted to the use of kseomina drug, smoothing out wrinkles, but not harmful as Botox. And also, of course, the celebrity is actively using skin cosmetics — mainly its personal brand Christie Brinkley.

The main Board

The basic rule Christy — live in motion. She is constantly trying to do something useful and catastrophically afraid of idleness. «After 50 years as soon as you stop to move a lot, you begin to «rust». Your body should constantly be in good shape,» says Brinkley. And there is nothing to add.