Color is having a comeback, and tile design is no exception. In light of that, Artistic Tile is releasing inspiring new collections of colorful tiles intended to reinvigorate kitchen and bath designs. Along with unconventional colors, the latest designs from Artistic Tile feature creative patterns and diverse influences.

“Color evokes emotion,” says Nancy Epstein, Artistic Tile’s founder and CEO. “Travel throughout Europe, and you will be in awe of how the architecture, from churches to pizzerias, is designed and constructed using natural stone in its purest form, and color is both desired and appreciated.”

If you’re ready to try out the trend and showcase a more colorful palette in your spaces, check out our favorite recent designs from Artistic Tile below.

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Fan Club Blue Ombre: Part of the Jazz Glass collection, the Fan Club tile updates a pattern from antiquity with unique artistry.

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Grand Gatsby Fete: The Grand Gatsby mosaic references the extravagance of the Roaring Twenties through its dramatic geometry and Art Deco-inspired pattern. Combining various marbles, it’s inspired by the Cosmati, a style showcasing triangular and rectangular inlays of stones and mosaics that dates to the 12th century.

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Rosso Francia: Rosso Francia is a French red tile with a distinct pattern. It’s formed an essential part of colorful architecture, tile patterns, and marquetry since ancient times.

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Sail Fete: Brightly colored marbles form complementary angles evocative of nautical imagery in Sail Fete.

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Primal: The Primal Collection features an innovative, deep green pattern that’s elegant and understated.

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Tappeti: Inspired by the intricate patterns and color play of textile weaves, the Tappeti mosaic combines four vibrant stones into a weft resembling embroidery, but the surface is smooth and polished.

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Verde Alpi: Verde Alpi is a deep green brecciated serpentine with areas of black and white. Used since antiquity, serpentine is a unique stone group named for its resemblance to snake skin.

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Morningside HeightsThis tile pattern honors 1920s Manhattan style through its eclectic square and zig-zag pattern.