Art Lover's Chic Brooklyn Loft

Tze Chun, founder of Uprise Art, lives cozily within her new home’s exceptional inspiration. Her company features the original contemporary work of emerging artists and matches customers with each their own personal art advisor. She tells how there can’t be too much art on a wall, and her Brooklyn loft is one awe-inspiring proof.

The loft was designed by Casey DeBois from Homepolish. She was quite excited on the new home venture, having worked with Chun in many past projects for Uprise Art clients. She worked in line with Chun’s rule of thumb of buying only the piece you truly love, and her preference for the retro tropical style like Hongkong and Singapore in the 1960s.

The open floor plan makes an extremely rare, beautiful living space. The surroundings are predominantly exposed red brick walls, and some in bright white to match the high ceilings that closely resemble that of art galleries. Chun’s existing vast collection of art, vintage finds, and various accessories comprise of one-of-a-kind items altogether created the unique home.

A cozy couch on a stylish carpet with wooden furniture renders an inviting living room to sit back and relax, and watch a good movie on TV. Right beside this area of the house is the bedroom with a huge curtain-lined doorway. On the other side is a small office space with stacks of books and a neat storage shelf on the side. Desks and tables exhibit elegant stands, set against walls filled with framed masterpieces of all colors and sizes. Lamps hang artfully above with graceful loops of cords and white bulbs. Plants in pots and vases are sprinkled throughout the home, breathing life into the space and brightening it with the color of nature. Art Lover's Chic Brooklyn Loft 2 Art Lover's Chic Brooklyn Loft 3 Art Lover's Chic Brooklyn Loft 4 Art Lover's Chic Brooklyn Loft 5 Art Lover's Chic Brooklyn Loft 6 Art Lover's Chic Brooklyn Loft 7 Art Lover's Chic Brooklyn Loft 8 Art Lover's Chic Brooklyn Loft 9 Art Lover's Chic Brooklyn Loft 10 Art Lover's Chic Brooklyn Loft 11 Art Lover's Chic Brooklyn Loft 12

Even without distinct rooms, each part of the house has been defined and gives off its own homely ambiance. The small yet highly stylish stairs leads to the dining area where a long, wooden table rests. It is exquisitely mismatched with wooden chairs in different lovely cushion colors. The kitchen is backed on a white wall complemented by elegant cabinetry, lustrous countertop surfaces, and wooden shelves. Next to this area is another living space with a glass center table, a lovely sleek chair with matching side table. You can get as comfortable as you can be on the white couch, in a place wrapped in the elegance of gold accents and magnificent works of art.


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