In the heart of hopping Culver City sits one of L.A.’s loveliest curated shops : MIDLAND. It’s a refreshing mix of goods, many local artisans represented, each wonderfully complementary to the next. And it makes sense that the space and its contents are so great – after all, shop owners and long time friends Kelly Harris + Paige Appel have spent the last eight years helping people realize their dreams and visions through weddings, events, interior styling, etc., with their first creative baby, Bash, Please. But now it’s their turn. A brick and mortar had been an individual dream of each gal but it wasn’t until January of this year that they really started entertaining the idea of MIDLAND. And when a shop along their daily commute opened up, they went full steam ahead, revamping a “permy old hair salon” into the aesthetic dream it is today. keep up to date with MIDLAND by following them on instagram.

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• photography by lily glass for sfgirlbybay.