Arlozorov 17 Tower is a residential building located in Tel Aviv, Israel, designed in 2020 by Pitsou Kedem Architects and Daniela Shulman of Studio360.


The public space at the entrance to the Arlozorov 17 residential tower, in central Tel Aviv, offers a rare volume for interior design, at 530 square meters footprint. Access to the building, designed by from Arlozorov Street, is via an entryway, leading to the entrance doors on the side of the building. Those arriving can see from outside, through the large transparent façade, the impressive entrance space, 40 meters long and 12 meter high. At its center, this elongated space connects to a large bright atrium, rising all 30 stories of the tower. The atrium has two glass walls, on opposite sides, providing the users of the building and the city intriguing views into the building interior, and through it, towards the rest of the city.

The quiet minimalist space stands in contrast to the busy and bustling urban environment around it. The harmonious, almost monochromatic color scheme gives an otherwise functionally busy space a serene ambiance.

The large windows and openings set in the facades and atrium allow ample light to come in the building during the day. The changing light, and the drama it creates provided inspiration for designing the interior facades of the building. By using three dimensional elements covering the walls, the ever-changing rays of light were used to create “living” facades, that appear to change in color and texture, even in shape, with passage of days and seasons.

The opposite interior façade, facing north, is divided in three large parts: the two large cores of the building, and between them the spatial flow into the tall atrium space. The façade was inspired and by the park adjacent to the building, designed with pleats of greenery rising from the ground, as well as the buildings’ western sea view façade, that folds. The cores of the building were covered with a skin of three-dimensional triangular panels, using a constructional element designed specifically for the project. This skin seems to live and change during the day, switching colors, moving and folding up from the wall. The triangles continue into another area in the space, the more intimate sitting area, 5 meters high. As they reach the sitting area, their appearance transforms to wood, climbing up to the ceiling, wrapping the space.

The elongated entrance space has two main facades. The southern interior façade, facing the busy Arlozorov street, 40 meters long, creates a parallel, calm walk along the main street. This large wall was covered with vertical aluminum profiles, creating a clear and serene rhythm of black and white, dark and light. Views to the street were emphasized by framing them with black frames, giving a glimpse so city life. Pedestrians walking in the street get an opposite view, intriguing glimpses into the serene lobby.

The swimming pool, 50 meters long, it located on the 4th floor, and is open to the city. This unique location and juxtaposition with the city, enables an unconventional view from the water, into the city’s top floors and roofs, as most city center buildings are similar height. The proximity to the beach provides a view towards the sunrise and the changing, living city. A matt gray mosaic covering the pool sides reflects the sky, thus also changes with the weather and passage of time.

Photography by Amit Geron

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